Picking ourselves back up!

Admittedly we’ve had an AWFUL week (two weeks?) so yes, I broke when we found out Toller’s leg wasn’t as healed as we had hoped for.

BUT, I’m picking myself back up, my partner has been wodnerfully supportive, we have a plan and I think we can make it work ๐Ÿ™‚

Things are improving. I’m tired and in physical pain, and mentally still a little fragile, but I haven’t cried today…which is a huge frickin’ achievement hahaha!!

So yes. We’re waiting on the basic ยฃ70 wheelchair to arrive (2-5th May) and I’m honestly so excited! Some of the reviews said the chest straps dug into their dog, so we will be padding those, and that it’s very cheaply made and won’t last long…but we’re aware of that. It’s hopefully just a temporary measure whilst we save and raise money for a custom chair, which we could get months down the line ๐Ÿ™‚

Her fund jar!!


Please check out her go fund me here!

We spoke with the head nurse of another surgery today, who agreed a wheelchair was a good way to go and that amputation should have been offered from the start. She was really lovely and reassuring, and we chatted to her for a good 20 minutes ^_^

Anywho. Pics of everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Kasper played PROPERLY with Sasha for the first time yesterday. As in fluid movements, play bows and chase. It was lovely!



Puppy dog eyes!

Unfortunately in less than two minutes he’d gotten overly excited, which resulted in over-aggressive play and attempted humping. Immediate time out for Boo with a frozen apple puzzle feeder!

This apple was stuffed with peanut butter, wet dog food, and coconut oil ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of frozen treats, ice cube treats are SO EASY to do!! And our three go barmy for them, I actually don’t know who loves them more…and they’re a perfect crate treat for Toller too! They come highly recommended from our pups and are so easy to make.

There are three varieties here: coconut oil, salmon oil and peanut butter, & salmon oil and wet dog food.

Sasha walk




Tired pupper ๐Ÿ™‚ You can see a little of my dog gear wall behind her too haha!


Spudder playing with loo roll ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy-ish days!

Tolly’s getting a wheelchair

So I’ve been crying non-stop these past few days. I’m hugely pissed at the vets, my heart is broken for Toller, and I knew that after the costs of her treatment thus far, we couldn’t afford ยฃ1500-2500 to amputate her leg.

So it was time to think up an alternative to improve her life.

And we discovered doggy wheelchairs!

For now we have ordered an extremely basic, standard (eg. not custom fit) front-wheeled cart that cost ยฃ70, and looks like this:

We’ll be trying that out whilst we wait to sort something for a custom cart. It’s due to arrive early next month.

Custom wheelchairs are incredibly expensive. We’re looking at ยฃ300-400 once we factor in custom builds and postage, especially as the one I keep getting directed to is based in America! If anyone wants to share or donate to Toller’s Go Fund Me, please do ๐Ÿ™‚

Help get Tolly walking and wheeling

Why a wheelchair?

So basically where the vet has left us now, according to them, Tolly is fully healed. They don’t even want to see her again unless “we’re concerned”…uh yeah, after seeing her walk yesterday I’m fucking concerned!!!!!

What happened to her making a full recovery and the injury not even being visible?! What happened to her being able to go on walks like a normal dog?? Now you’re saying that’s not going to happen?!

At this point Spud has enduredย eight weeks of crate rest, and guys that is just bullshit ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

She’s a completely different dog to before the accident; she’s miserable, she gets enjoyment from so little, and she’s anxious. It’s BULLSHIT. I’m so annoyed because Iย wanted to amputate that leg, but the vets persuaded me not to, they said it’d be fine…and it’s not.

With a wheelchair, she will be able to BE A DOG. She can run and exploreย immediately, no rehab, no worries about making her leg worse…the misery of crate rest will be over, and it’ll be SUCH an improvement on the vets proposed life of carrying and such limited walking.

I know she could have been happy as a tripawd, but with a wheelchair she can be a dog RIGHT NOW. No more rest, no more procedures. So that’s the way we’re going.

I’m exhausted and so stressed by all this, but I feel like we might have found a way to make my baby girl happy. Fingers crossed…

Please share Toller’s go fund me

Hey all.

Well, Toller’s splint JUST FELL OFF. I kid you not, she was lying in my partner’s arms, still other than her jaws chewing a nylabone, and the splint plopped off into my lap.

I am beyond fuming. One of the treatment options the vets gave us was splinting, and it’s fallen off less than six hours after being put on. Toller hasn’t even touched it, we have paid such close attention to that.

Now we’re in the awful predicament of choosing whether to go to the emergency vet (different surgery, ยฃ100 not including treatment, splint etc – our vets charged ยฃ40 for the splint!!) or wait until tomorrow and take her back to our vets.

Toller is much happier with it off, and is cuddled in my partner’s arms asleep god bless her.

We are going back to our vets tomorrow morning, hoping they will not charge to re-splint her (we have her old splint to prove she did no damage) and to also bring up amputation with them.

Amputation is incredibly expensive so we have set up a go fund me campaign.

We feel that, with two treatment options that will leave Toller with lameness, pain and risk arthritis, amputation would eradicate that risk and mean Toller could enjoy walks. She’s a young dog, and should adapt very well to life on three legs.

If you could all share Toller’s go fund me everywhere you can, that would be incredibly helpful.


I am absolutely exhausted. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, I don’t know if I’m thinking straight…I’m so mentally frazzled. And I can’t believe we will have to take my baby back to the vets again tomorrow. I only hope the good vet is working…

Do you know the spoon theory?

The Spoon Theory is a unique way to explain how a chronic illness (be it mental or physical) affects your life, and how general day-to-day living is a huge struggle.

You start the day with 12 spoons, and every activity takes away a certain number of spoons.

I have found this to be a wonderful way to explain to people who have no understanding that invisible illnesses are just as draining as more obvious physical problems. I also use this as a quick add-up to check if I’ve planned too much for myself XD

This is the best infographic I have found on the subject:


Today is a shite day.

I predict seizures and a headache in a few hours time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I had a crap trip out with Pixie, not her fault at all, but because members of the public can be such morons and have no idea to interact with any dog, but especially a service dog. Thank you to the absolute idiots today who not only set our training back but entirely panicked me…I’m sat here flooded with anxiety / panic even though the walk was over an hour ago, and my head is “you’re going to have a seizure” screwed ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

We’re looking into buying some specialised patches from America, but they’re expensive…I know I’ve plugged this a lot already, but if you can donate it would be amazingly helpful or even just share the link. You can check out today’s update on the campaign too:

Go Fund Me linky link

Also, I finally remembered to take photos of Satsu whilst we were handling him!

As ever, any readers who don’t like snakes, you have been warned!

***snake incoming***













We absolutely adore this snake.

He is the most chilled out snake we have ever had / handled. He is extremely docile and such a sweet boy, he’s stunning to look at, and he’s been such a reliable feeder so far. He really is the perfect snake.





***end of snake!***

I’ve had a few absence seizures, so I’m going to finish this blog here…

There will be a 4th

Today I am announcing our announcement ๐Ÿ™‚

Early next year we are getting an 8 week old working Cocker Spaniel puppy from a wonderful breeder, and he will be trained to be my official seizure and psychiatric assistance dog.

We spent a lot of time discussing this, and then after that I especially spent a lot of time researching breeds and then breeders.

I wanted a dog that was a substantial size (as I want some form of DPT and blocking to be possible) but not too big that it wouldn’t fit in with our household. I didn’t really want a dog bigger than Kasper (20-22kg) and my ideal was 15kg, although I would go up to 30kg for the right dog.

Initially the three breeds I was most interested in was:

  • Border Collie
  • Poodle
  • Labrador

My thoughts on each breed:

Border Collie

I love Border Collie’s in general, and their drive, intelligence and willingness to work with their owner is awesome. My huge concern was nervousness, especially with things such as sound sensitivity, which is rife within the breed. I found a wonderful breeder with health tested dogs (and the puppies were red and white, and lilac and white = SQUEEE!), but in the end decided a Collie wasn’t right for the job.


I was interested in Miniature or Standard. Miniature was probably a little small, but Standard was probably a little big hahaha! I love Poodles for their wonderful personalities, their intelligence, and energy levels. They are a great breed. Unfortunately responsible Poodle breeders are very hard to find in this area, and again there wasn’t really an ideal size.


Labs have an easy-going personality, they’re pretty chilled as far as adult dogs go, and they love to work. My biggest issue with the breed was health issues, of which there are so many, and although there are a lot of Lab breeders in this area (from show to working lines) finding a breeder that was willing to go through health tests with me step-by-step or that even health tested at all was hard. My next issue wasย size (we’d prefer a male dog and they can reach 36kg!) and finally their shedding – Labs are incredible shedders ย ๐Ÿ˜€

I then put a lot more research into dog breeds and contacted some charities that train service dogs and some epilepsy charities, and I discovered some more possible breeds, mainly Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels.

Both breeds are extremely intelligent, active, love to work, and have nice amiable personalities. I was told that Cockers tend to be the breed most used as seizure alert dogs for children, because of their perfect size (around 11-14kg) and their goofball personalities.

I put in a ton more research and settled on a breed: Cocker Spaniel.

It was now time to find breeders. This was many hours again searching, contacting clubs, contacting gundog sites, and finally contacting individual breeders.

I found two phenomenal breeders fairly nearby, both breeding working Cocker Spaniels. All their dogs were extensively health tested and the breeders knew their dogs well and obviously cared for them.

Both breeders have had previous litters become working dogs in roles such as the police and mountain rescue. One breeder has a litter due early next year, and one breeder has a litter due mid November.

All their dogs are gorgeous, but the parents of the litter due this November has me especially excited! We will be meeting up with the breeders, filling in the questionnaires, having a chat, and meeting all their dogs hopefully within this month (we are meeting one in less than a weeks’ time!!).

Alongside all this I have been in contact with our local training facility, in regards to puppy obedience class and eventually 1-on-1 classes for task training. We are very lucky to have a training facility fairly close by where the trainers are very informed, use 100% positive training methods, and already teach a range of things from obedience to scent work, rally, heelwork to music and agility. All the trainers are ADPT approved.

Finally, when the puppy is old enough and his training has come along far enough,we will be registering with CGI for the Public Access Test.

And that’s our news ๐Ÿ˜€

We do have a Go Fund Me campaign, and if anybody wanted to share our campaign on social media (or even donate, but please don’t feel you have to!) that would be amazingly helpful.

This puppy will be absolutely life changing for me and, because it will have the correct temperament and the correct training from 8 weeks old, it will be able to do the tasks outdoors that Pixie couldn’t. My trainer is hopeful that by 6 months old this puppy will be coming to medical appts with me ๐Ÿ™‚

We appreciate each and every donation we get, but please please do not feel any pressure to donate!

We will be updating the campaign every few days with any news we have about the puppy, the training facility etc.


And if you read this far, have a mouse pic to make you smile ๐Ÿ™‚


That is Tate, one of our little keeper boys. When he is old enough he will be bred to Lotus and Pan…I imagine their babies will be absolutely stunning ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, post just arrived. After neither us nor my parents making contact with each other since I cut ties, guess what arrived in the mail today? A birthday card (my bday’s the 18th) that said “To [me]! Have a wonderful birthday! I didn’t put any text on the front of the card just in case you wanted to keep it for the picture ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have a fab time, Lots and lots of love, Mum and Dad” and then lots of kisses…

This is what REALLY annoys me about them.

You can’t just act as if nothing has happened and brush everything under the carpet. It does my head in! They have done this for years and years and it leaves me so confused and upset…and the last time I had contact with them, I told them repeatedly I didn’t want ANY contact from them at all, and now I get this card that acts as if nothing has happened and, of course, with no hint of apology.

Bleh, parents…