Happy 7th Birthday Boo!

Today has been Kasper and my partner’s birthdays.

I’ve had a really shit day. My worst day for seizures in this seizure-heavy week. Loads of guilt about being ill and ruining the day (for my partner especially) and to top it off we did a walk with my partner’s parents, our first time seeing them in a year, and one of the first things they said was “I thought she was supposed to be well trained?” about Sasha.

This was because she was running about off lead having fun. Like, seriously? Way to make me feel like utter shit, I definitely haven’t been working my arse off for the past 6 months trying to give her any semblance of confidence and show her training is fun. I really wish I hadn’t been so out of it with seizures, I would’ve loved to have ‘responded’ 😛

I was really fucking proud of her on this walk too! She was confident around new people, did THREE seizure alerts on the walk, and held focus and did good whilst we stood about, my partner opened presents etc. For a teenage gobshite and a dog who is nervous with strangers, she rocked!

So, his comment crushed me. Really upset, and really ill at the time too. Bleh. Oh look, so badly trained -_-


That’s his parents stood right behind Sasha here – look at her happy face!


Opening presents

Anyway. Kasper had a good day at least.

The day started with his gifts arriving!! They weren’t due until the end of this week, so that was cool.

We got some treats going in the food dehydrator asap, but as we weren’t expecting it we hadn’t bought meat in, so apple slices, sweet potato chews, and potato ‘crisps’ will have to do!


Alongside a food dehydrator, he got a new Sumo puzzle feeder (topped with a frozen treat to act as a ‘plug’!)



And his final birthday gift, a new collar 🙂



I wrote out a message to him 😉

Happy birthday, Boo!

And his final birthday good-ness was an off lead walk. Lots of tearing about like a crazy thing, chasing smells, some training, and even a paddle in his favourite pond. He LOVED it! Yeah, Boo had a good birthday alright 🙂






Very quick Tolly update!

For her walk today she went to the football field. She was sprinting about like a loon, and the cutest thing? SHE AUTO SAT WHEN SHE CAME TO ME!!

One of the earliest things I teach puppies is an auto sit – get called to me, sit. Come to me unasked, sit. Unsure of something, sit. Toller hasn’t done any training or had chance to do an auto sit in 11 long weeks, so the fact she offered this was just so darn sweet. This dog guys, this dog ❤

2 days after amputation

Toller is still doing great 🙂

Her pain meds make her very sleepy, so we have to adjust how long she is out her crate. Usually it’s 20-40 minutes. Our vets seem to be really strict about crate rest after amputation (some places are much more lenient) so for now at least we’re following their advice.

This means Tolly’s still on crate rest at least until her check up on Monday. Eventually she’ll be spending time in the 42 inch crate we’ve set up as her play pen, and the next step is spending more time free in the house. At some point we’ll begin special exercises to strengthen her core muscles, and building her up to walks 🙂

Spud’s gonna be meeting my parents tomorrow. That will be nice for her 🙂

It’s Boo’s birthday in a few days, he’s going to be seven! Unfortunately his main birthday gift won’t arrive until a few days after (we forgot to order it with all the Tolly stuff, ooops!). He’s getting a food dehydrator so we can make all sorts of treats and chews for him, he’ll LOVE that!

We did order some new puzzle feeders which will arrive on his birthday though, so at least he has something.

Kasper’s had less walk as we prepped for Toller’s surgery. Once her amputation was done we got back into the swing of it, and he was SO HAPPY to have his walks!!

He might be seven, but he can still go as far as Sasha, and he SPRINTS everywhere vs her leisurely pace. He has crazy stamina and walking him is always such a joy.

Smiles all round 🙂



And I’m going to do a training post/update for Sasha at some point. For now here are some photos from a very wet walk today!



And whilst we’re talking about wet dogs…check out Miss Sashie splashing through the sea on a hike the other day!!

Picking ourselves back up!

Admittedly we’ve had an AWFUL week (two weeks?) so yes, I broke when we found out Toller’s leg wasn’t as healed as we had hoped for.

BUT, I’m picking myself back up, my partner has been wodnerfully supportive, we have a plan and I think we can make it work 🙂

Things are improving. I’m tired and in physical pain, and mentally still a little fragile, but I haven’t cried today…which is a huge frickin’ achievement hahaha!!

So yes. We’re waiting on the basic £70 wheelchair to arrive (2-5th May) and I’m honestly so excited! Some of the reviews said the chest straps dug into their dog, so we will be padding those, and that it’s very cheaply made and won’t last long…but we’re aware of that. It’s hopefully just a temporary measure whilst we save and raise money for a custom chair, which we could get months down the line 🙂

Her fund jar!!


Please check out her go fund me here!

We spoke with the head nurse of another surgery today, who agreed a wheelchair was a good way to go and that amputation should have been offered from the start. She was really lovely and reassuring, and we chatted to her for a good 20 minutes ^_^

Anywho. Pics of everyone 🙂

Kasper played PROPERLY with Sasha for the first time yesterday. As in fluid movements, play bows and chase. It was lovely!



Puppy dog eyes!

Unfortunately in less than two minutes he’d gotten overly excited, which resulted in over-aggressive play and attempted humping. Immediate time out for Boo with a frozen apple puzzle feeder!

This apple was stuffed with peanut butter, wet dog food, and coconut oil 🙂

Speaking of frozen treats, ice cube treats are SO EASY to do!! And our three go barmy for them, I actually don’t know who loves them more…and they’re a perfect crate treat for Toller too! They come highly recommended from our pups and are so easy to make.

There are three varieties here: coconut oil, salmon oil and peanut butter, & salmon oil and wet dog food.

Sasha walk




Tired pupper 🙂 You can see a little of my dog gear wall behind her too haha!


Spudder playing with loo roll 🙂

Happy-ish days!

Sasha’s collar is here!

I’ve never been so excited about a parcel haha!


And it’s AMAZING 😉



It’s honestly a work of art, I am so in love with it! And the added bonus is that Sasha looks utterly adorable in it 🙂


I think this is the most beautiful collar I have ever owned 🙂

I’m honestly so happy with all her gear atm too, she looks bloody adorable!

Currently she is wearing Kasper’s Zero DC short harness (which is an amazing harness, and my favourite out of all the harnesses we have tried) and Kasper has the EzyDog. Our lead is also new, and is a cheap adjustable one from ebay, but it’s really soft in your hands and also happens to be the perfect length for me to wear around my waist!

Yesterday it was apparently National Siblings Day, so here’s a photo from our morning walk of my bigguns…a day late but so cute 🙂

And we’re having a friend stay for a few nights, for the first time in years!

Of course I’ve had an awful day for seizures, but what can you do? Sasha’s done some awesome alerts, bless her. She met our friend well, was totally fine on a walk with him, and played excitedly with him in the house, but then after about half an hour seemed to be making herself anxious around him.

(walk pics!)

My partner and friend have gone out to buy some food now, so we’re going to give Sasha more space when he gets back and treat her as if she’d been fearful from the start. It’s funny though because I couldn’t get over how well she’d done, and it was like she suddenly thought “shit I’m supposed to be fearful!” hahaha 😄


Alert on cam & adorable photos

Sasha has done an alert on a walk every day for the last three days, and yesterday she did at least two! (too foggy to remember any more)

Her alerting out the house is super rare, normally we only get one outdoor alert a week or two, so she’s rocking it!! I wondered if it’s because my seizures are so damn bad that they’re more obvious to her, but some of her alerts have been bloody perfectly timed – one, she alerted, I sat down, and within 30 seconds I was having a seizure.

Yesterday we managed to catch her doing an alert on cam! We were trying to take photos, and she alerted, so my partner kept snapping!!

Step 1: nose nudge

I did teach her to paw as a seizure alert (as I wanted it to be more obvious when I was walking) but because she’s such a big oaf, and she pawed when I was sitting too, it was too damn dangerous and I got tired of her claws raking my face 😄

Step 2: Serious face until I acknowledge the alert


Step 3: Praise and treats

Step 4: Get to somewhere safe and out the way, or if I’m stuck somewhere busy like town just drop to the floor and look weird!! Wait for seizure, then wait until better recovered after seizure.

Really cool to have photos of the process, I’m super proud of Sasha…what an awesome dog she is, and a great helper 🙂

Next – Toller walked in the house for the first time yesterday!! It was only about 10 steps before we picked her up, but what a landmark in her recovery!

Can you stand the cuteness? 🙂


Here she is wearing Pixie’s jacket…Pix was so damn small, and yet the jacket still swamps Toller 😄

Big dope!

It’s his birthday next month so I’ve been searching for the perfect edible gifts for him and a new police style lead too (multiple D clips). I think I’ve found ‘the one’, can’t wait to share photos once it arrives 🙂

Oh god look at his expression ❤ ❤ ❤

I’ve been browsing amazing collars, harnesses and leads on etsy (because it’s one of the few tasks I can do without having to feel bad for not remembering it, eg. reading!!) and my partner felt so sorry for me with how crappy I’ve been doing he said I could buy a nice collar for Sasha 🙂

So in my more lucid moments I browsed hundreds and hundreds of collars, and chose an amazing one for Sasha! We chose a 2 inch wide one, so you’ll even be able to see it with all her Poodle fluff!!

And yesterday we had 1kg of beef chews arrive! These were £8 off ebay, and if we’d bought them from an online pet shop, it would have been £6 for 300g!!!


The dogs absolutely love it. It doesn’t last the bigger three too long, but they go crazy for it, AND you can snap it into smaller pieces as training rewards too!

*splutter laughs* Sasha’s face!!

Bad days, hard work

The days have been a bit of a struggle.

Bad times with seizures, my body feeling exhausted but everytime I nap I wake up in intense pain, it’s all been very difficult. Factor in having to care for four energetic dogs where one’s on crate rest & miserable, another can’t go on walks as he’s a tit with cars, and our oldest doesn’t like the other boy-dog in the house…and I’m pooped from trying to keep everyone happy.

I had a super bad day for seizures yesterday. This week we’ve had to cancel and re-arrange a lot of plans that seizures have ruined, but at least we’ve gotten good at that 😛

We have done some huge hikes with Sasha and Kasper though. Often I do better out the house (I think it’s as the light is more ‘samey’ out in the world (forgive me, my brain is mush) whereas indoors the house dims it and then you get the sun shining at you through windows!).

So forgive me if I don’t talk much, I’m not very coherent and I’m not doing very well physically. I did want to post these beautiful photos though 🙂

I’ll do today’s walks first! Sasha doing a sit stay (that red spot behind her is a cyclist that had just gone past – her impulse control is coming along wonderfully!)


And we had an amazing walk with Kasper. My favourite dope recalled perfectly from chasing birds, he responded immediately every time I called, and had lots of fun splashing in various puddles, ponds and mud holes 🙂

Enjoy a photo from at the start of the walk, and one at the end – spot the difference?! 😉


And in between pics 🙂


And yesterday Sasha had her biggest walk yet.

We’d been planning on catching the bus to a nearby seasidey town, but I was too ill to be around people. Instead we just looped around the countryside near us, where I could have seizures and recover in privacy. Although I was swimmy-headed for much of the walk I had less than half a dozen seizures total, and Sasha successfully alerted off lead, so it was a victory for all 🙂


I challenge anyone to tell me she’s not absolutely adorable 🙂


My favourite family photo ❤ ❤

The tide washes up unimagenable amounts of litter on the shoreline, and sometimes we can use large pieces for confidence work.

Here I am testing Sashie’s confidence climbing on a plastic crate (A+ Sash, no fear!) and next we did body conditioning by getting her to fit all her limbs onto a narrow plank!



She only had to sit next to this, because I think jumping on it would kill her 😄

Can you believe the tide brought this here?!?!

Sasha dived in lots of bogs. She had some super mud boots on the go.

But seriously, look how proud she was 😄


The photo below looks like I’m mocking the sign, but was actually supposed to be supporting it.

This field has not one but THREE signs politely asking dog owners to refrain from letting their dogs off lead, and the times I’ve walked through this field (at least two dozen times) I’ve only ever seen off lead dogs here.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is impeccably well behaved off lead, it doesn’t matter if their recall is flawless. Nor does it matter if you are 100% certain there’s no livestock about. The land owner has asked you to keep your dog on a lead, and so you should do it out of respect.


Poopyhead Sasha

Oh god this cold is killing me -_-

I got about three hours sleep last night, and the rest of the night was spent wiping my streaming and very sore nose, trying to get my chronically achy neck comfy, and almost weeping with exhaustion. Apparently I am really bad at being ill haha! Can’t wait to feel physically better 😀

Today started off grim and grey, but early afternoon the sun blasted through the clouds and outside looked dreamy. I took Sasha out on my own as my partner had to go out, and omg what a butthead she was!!

At first I took her out on just her collar, because she wasn’t working and she’d be off lead within five minutes. Well, she’s having a teenage day, and so we got about a minute and a half from the house and she was walking ahead, on the verge of pulling, refusing to listen to me etc. You better believe I turned us around and marched us right back home.

I put a harness on her (still no vest so not strictly working) and we headed back out. She was much better but by god is she having a rebellious teenage day; she still needed A LOT of reminders how to act and her focus sucked.

Thanks for acting like an absolute tool when I was sick and out on my own, you butt head 😛


Is it just me or does she look incredibly proud of herself 😄


Oh and look who can’t even hold a simple stay, adolescent arse 😉 That drop it was on point though, and her second stay was much better!

We did have fun though, I just slacked up a lot and expected less of her, so neither of us got frustrated. She still had to behave, but I didn’t expect perfection or push her too hard.

A video from yesterday – we’ve worked a lot on various behaviours in the ‘between’ position, as Sasha lost confidence there as she grew bigger. I really love working on different things with her in between 🙂

And a video of Charley nailing putting his toy away!