Bringing you honest reviews on a range of products.

I tend to review products for dogs most, anything from harnesses to toys, treats and training aids. My reviews are entirely my own opinion – I will talk about what the product is for, the price, what I like and what I dislike. If I change what I think about a product, I will either edit the review or post an updated review.

Dog products

Lead Mate
Julius K9 IDC Powerharness
Red Dingo harness
Nervous vest harness from Friendly Dog Collars
OHF Upgrade dog harness, initial thoughts
Coat-style dog harness

CosyDogs Fleece harness
Zero DC Short Harness
Dog harness reviews 
(standard step-in, ComfortFlex, DoxLock, Envy, EzyDog, Julius K9 & Ruffwear)
Ruffwear Front Range harness, 
updated review

EzyDog Neo Collar

ID tags, leads
Paradise Pets custom ID tags

Training products
Figure 8 head collar
Doggone Good Rapid Rewards treat bag
Coachies Treat Bag

Busy Buddy Twist n Treat
The Kong Duet
Giant Snake dog toy, from Zooplus
Kong Traxx
Kong Quests

Top Collar Treat Subsciption Box
Grandorf Duck and Turkey kibble

Lukullus Chicken and Northern Salmon kibble
Caniland Ostrich treats (grain free)

Grooming / health products
Mars Coat King
Plaque Off
Wellness Dog Mattress

Human products

Road ID ICE band

Small Pet Products

Lamberts Pet Supplies – pet shop, 1*
, Pets At Home cage
Langham Tall Hamster and Rat cage

Ferplast Mini Duna 

We will happily review pet products!

If you have a product you would like us to test in exchange for an honest review, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

We can review products for dogs, providing they do not cause pain or use intimidation. 

Our Dogs

Kasper is a 6 year old Border Collie x Springer Spaniel. His favourite things to try would be:

treats or kibble –> he is not fussy and really enjoys his food!
harnesses –> he loves his walks and has no issues with wearing harnesses; we are out in all weathers with him!
durable hollow toys, eg Kong –> be warned: he is a strong chewer! Kasper gets several hollow toys a day, filled with a variety of things.
kibble dispensing toys –> Kasper is a whizz at emptying puzzle feeders! 

tug toys –> tug of war is one of his favourite activities



Sasha is a 6 month old Standard Poodle puppy who is in training to be my assistance dog. She is a lovely goof and would be overjoyed to try:

– soft toys –> Sasha is a playful lump, and she loves soft toys, any and all!
– puzzle feeders –> she is a *huge* fan of puzzle feeders. So far we have tried a Kong, Quest, Topply, empty plastic bottle and even a plastic goldfish bowl!!
– chews – Sasha is a very sensible chewer and loves a variety of meaty chews, her favourites are chicken feet and beef scalps!
– Assistance dog gear –> this includes harnesses, leads / bandannas that state she is a service/assistance dog and patches


Tolly is a 4 month old JRT x Pomeranian puppy that we adopted. She is feisty, active and a huge foodie! She would love to try:

– treats, kibble or wet food –> she adores her food and promises to try any food item at least once!
– tugs –> this dog LOVES tug of war and viciously ragging toys about is her favourite hobby
– small dog gear –> there’s a gap in the market for harnesses and sensible coats for tiny dogs. Have a product you think fits that description? Please contact us!!

We’d also love to review training tools, be it clickers, target sticks, balance boards etc

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Small Pets

Finally we always have small pets in the house, be they our own pets or ones we are fostering to rehome. These range from mice and guinea pigs to budgies and quail!

* ~ * ~ *

Thanks for considering us; if you have any relevant products you’d like us to review feel free to comment here or send an email to us at:

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