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Important Training Posts

Articles on dog & cat training, body language & help for vet visits – list of some really, really great resources, from articles about training to info-graphics about fear / body language.

Puppy and dog training tips – easy to follow training tips to help you and your pup be happy and confident.

Small things ruin training – training a dog, especially if the dog is sensitive or fearful, is a very long process. It can take years to see progress in certain areas. It only takes one small thing to happen (eg. off lead dog running at your dog) to push a dog right back to the start.

Reactive dogs deserve walks too

Training my dogs

This is a little page all about training my dogs

I don’t use force or intimidation to train my dogs. I will not use training tools such as prong collars, choke chains, shock collars or squirt bottles. This does not mean I’m permissive, and treats are used as rewards NOT bribes.

A lot of everyday training I do with my dogs is waiting to see what choices they make, and rewarding them every time they make the right choice. Alongside life training I also do trick training with my dogs, which we love. I use marker training (sometimes with a clicker) and my dogs respond to verbal cues and hand signals.

Cues the dogs know

Kasper – DOB (approx) 23/5/2010

  1. Sit
  2. Lie down
  3. Touch
  4. Paw
  5. Other Paw
  6. Come
  7. Leg weaves
  8. Crawl
  9. Play dead
  10. Sit pretty
  11. Beg
  12. Up
  13. Off
  14. Leave it
  15. Spin
  16. Twirl
  17. Tall (stand on back legs)
  18. Go get it
  19. Bring it
  20. Drop it
  21. Bed
  22. In
  23. Positive Interrupter (noise that means give me attention / come here)
  24. Stand
  25. Muzzle
  26. Hup (up to a sit from down)
  27. This way (change direction on walks)
  28. Respect (bump nose to fist)
  29. All done (training session / game is over)
  30. Let’s cross
  31. Kiss
  32. Two feet (put front feet on an object)
  33. Wait
  34. Out you get (from crate, room etc)
  35. Let’s go! (move away from distractions)
  36. Chin (chin rest)
  37. Thank you (give something high value)
  38. Other (wave)

He knows over 40 cues so I’ve forgotten some :/



Charley – DOB (approax) 20.7.2016

  1. Sit
  2. Down
  3. Wait
  4. ‘Tween
  5. Leave it
  6. Up
  7. Off
  8. This way
  9. Let’s cross


Sasha – DOB 3.8.2016

  1. Sit
  2. Down
  3. Recall
  4. Stay
  5. Up
  6. Off
  7. Touch
  8. Hup (sit from down)
  9. Keep up (move forwards into a heel position)
  10. Back up (move back into heel)
  11. Ah ah (stop what you are doing)
  12. Stop (freeze when walking)
  13. ‘Tween (go between my legs)
  14. Block (stand across my front)
  15. Two (put your front feet on an object)
  16. Alerts to seizures
  17. Alerts to panic
  18. Interrupts stimming
  19. Face boop (nose nudge to face)
  20. This way
  21. Let’s cross


Toller –  DOB (approx) 3.10.2016

  1. Sit
  2. Down
  3. [no verbal cue!] – puts her front paws on the back of my hand
  4. Touch
  5. Recall
  6. Up
  7. Off
  8. Scratch board (learning 😉 )
  9. This way


A LOT (read, pretty much all XD ) of my training focus has been on Sasha. Now that I have more time, I’m gonna be putting a lot more effort into teaching Charley and Toller new things 🙂

Toller has been with us for almost 3 months and only knows 9 tricks, it’s a disgrace hehe ^__^