DIY Pet toys


Plastic puzzle feeder, cardboard tube feeder & pea fishing

The Blobber

(not technically a toy but a training tool for dogs on walks that you can make yourself – thought I would stick it here too!)

Bottle food dispenser, loofah chew toy & holee turkey ball!

Cardboard tube ball – easy to make and versatile!

Gone but not forgotten


Flair was a 1 year old African Pyhmy hedgehog that we adopted. His old owners said they didn’t have time for him, so wanted a good home – when he came to us, we could immediately tell he was seriously ill.

We took him to an exotics vet the next day, and Flair’s treatment began. He fought valiantly for weeks, and we had lots of ups and downs, but in the end he was just too sick and it wasn’t fair to keep him suffering.

He was PTS on 12th May 2016.

It’s heartbreaking that because of one person’s neglect this beautiful little boy had to die, but we loved him whilst he was here and he will never be forgotten.