I did art! Could you vote?

Hey all!

I entered an art competition (for the first time in my life!!), it’s aimed at people with mental health issues. It was a ‘draw your demons’ competition, and I drew how my psychosis feels.

If anybody would like to vote, or just see my picture, click this link —>Β Demon of Psychosis

All votes are appreciated, thank you!

The best of best days

Yesterday my parents came up for another visit, as the hand washer they ordered for my partner’s birthday had finally arrived (unbeknownst to us it was shipping from America!!).

Before they arrived, we decided to tire everybody out by a morning in the pool…as usual it was A LOT of fun πŸ˜€

Kasper had immense fun bobbing for kibble πŸ˜›

Toller enjoyed basking on her own private island πŸ˜‰

And Mojo fell in the water and was miserable XD


Toller soon helped him dry off chasing him about and wrestling with him though (also look how amazing Sasha is as the little uns play πŸ™‚ )

Lots of happy tired pups!



Look, size order!! Only missing Spud, but we don’t have Kasper out around her as he WILL knock her over!

Once my parents arrived we went to meet them, and just as last time Sasha was super confident with them. Yay, progress!

We walked through the fields to a local pub, and sat in the beer garden. It was such a beautiful space and we had it all to ourselves! Sasha was mostly on a longline, although we did go for a mooch and do some training off lead, but she was amazingly well behaved.

Off lead!


Just as our food had been brought two extremely aggressive Labradors began barking at us, from behind a low wall but down a large drop. My dad went and loudly exclaimed what horrible dogs they were, making them bark more, and guess what?


Other than her unease with people, barking dogs has been her biggest fear. Even way off in the distance, a barely audible dog barking would make her skitterish and fearful. These dogs were less than 6 feet away, and Sasha sat there grinning at me, happy to do training and totally at ease πŸ˜€

On the walk back we bumped into the Leonberger puppy that we saw over a month back.

At 16 weeks old this dog reached Sasha’s shoulders, now 22 weeks he towers above her!! Sasha was overwhelmed at first with this GIANT over-the-top puppy bouncing in her face, but I thought she could adjust. I left her to it and sure enough a minute later she was charging about and had made a new BFF, it was so sweet πŸ™‚

Their play style was hilarious, Sasha would literally run laps around us all, then dart to the Leonberger so that he could feel included XD

He was very big and clumsy and calm, and the few times he accidentally knocked into me almost had me off my feet hahahaha!

Once we’d walked back we dropped Sasha off at home, then went for a trip out to the zoo!!

I haven’t really been anywhere other than local pet shops and on dog walks for about a year, so to have a proper day out including a meal and a zoo trip was just phenomenal!!

There was a stretch of rooms at the zoo that had glittery floors that seemed to flash as you walks, which triggered a seizure, but I bounced back quickly and the entire day yesterday I only had FOUR seizures…honestly don’t remember the last time I had so few πŸ˜€

Zoo pics…this place is so weird because some of the enclosures are awesome, such as the harvest mice, degus and fossa (the fossa has a second part of equal size connected via a shed)


But then the chinchilla cage was AWFUL, and the spiny mouse cage was a little bare too, it used to have a load more branches but now they’re all very low and there’s just a few :/



Striped squirrels (which just looked like chipmunks to me?!)


And what wild creature is this?!? XD ❀

After the zoo we came back home, I took Mojo out for a quick hello, then my mum and partner headed to the supermarket to do some shopping (I can’t go in supermarkets due to the lighting), and me and my dad took Sasha to the nearby field. She was already pooped so we just sat about πŸ™‚


Once we all met up again there was time to take Tolly for her biggest off lead walk yet, and then it was back home to rest before bed! πŸ™‚

(her ears still don’t know what they’re doing!! ❀ )

Look at this photo my dad took – he says she looks too cute to be real!!

It was truly a fantastic day, made even better by so few seizures ^__^

Adjusting to life on 3 legs!

Very very quick post after yesterday’s long one!

Toller is home and doing GREAT!! She was so happy to see us, she’s very tired but has actually been playing with toys when we hold and cuddle her, and she had her first toilet trip an hour ago and omb she’s AWESOME on those three legs!! Video as proof πŸ˜‰


Throwback to sunny days

What do you get when you mix insomnia, hypomania, seizures and a cold?

Me -_-

My partner gave me a cold he had…WHO GETS A COLD IN SPRING?! Haha, ugh!

The weather has turned from 5 days of glorious sunshine, to now we’re on day 4 of constant rain. If I post these beautiful photos from when it was sunny, I’m thinking it will tempt the sun to return. Well, that and I feel too yucky to post anything else XD

Although Charley never looked ‘fat’, he was overweight when he arrived here, and he’s lost a fair bit of chub in the few months we’ve had him. He’s a lean mean ball-fetching machine now! Who said you need walks to keep a dog fit?!

When he first arrived:

Birds’ eye view now:

And the best I could find from before:

His height seems to have shrunk this past month too…wait, what do you mean Sasha’s grown? WHY IS SHE STILL GROWING?! Will she never stop?? XD

Possibly my favourite-est photo of all time πŸ™‚ ❀



Games in the sun. The last pic, yes, Sasha is biting his arse. This is something she does when Charley is playing fetch XD

I bloody love his smile. And his eyes. And his lovely orangey head XD




Smiley sun-Sasha is literally the cutest thing ever


This is my most favourite Sasha photo!!





Omg, these two πŸ™‚


Top Collar Dog Treat subscription box review

Top collar reached out to me recently on Instagram (@crazyinky) and offered me a free box.

They had a deal going where you can have a free box if you pay for Β£1 postage, and after that you are automatically signed up for heir monthly (or twice monthly) boxes until you cancel.

The boxes contain one packet of treats (130g).

The boxes are Β£5.99 per box per month. I can’t find out how much two boxes per month costs, it might just be another Β£5.99. Top Collar, if I’m wrong get in touch and I will edit this XD

These treats are made with decent ingredients; gluten free, and meat is the second ingredient.

This month’s ingredients are as follows:

Gluten free flour, beef liver, potato, free range eggs, milk, butter

Not the best, but not abysmal like most shop-bought treats.

Another quirk of the company, if you send in a photo of your dog/s, they will add it to the front of the package! Cute πŸ™‚

The package itself is *very* cute, and there’s even a touch of adorableness on the back:

Huge flaw #1 though…

This is not a treat BOX!

It’s a packet with a smaller packet of treats inside haha! Now I’ve only ever done one pet subscription box before, which was a rabbit box from Barks & Bunnies, and Graze boxes for humans…and both those were actual boxes.

There were a selection of items inside…not just a single packet of treats XD

Again, cute packging though πŸ™‚


Next to Charley-boy

The treats are quite large at 1.5 inches, and are dry, crunchy biscuits.

For foodie dogs, this is fine. All four of my pups would be happy to eat these. But offer these to Kasper / Charley on a walk, or even use them to work with Sasha around distractions, and they’d be snubbed in seconds. They’re not particularly high value, and are too big to be used handily as training treats.

Sasha and Charley trying them:

Kasper trying them:

Review time!

The good…

  • We got them for free XD
  • The ingredients are better than your standard shop-bought treats…looking at you Pedigree!!
  • You can choose to add supplements to your treats (eg. for the dog’s skin)
  • The packaging is cute
  • Dogs will eat them

The bad?

  • This is stupidly expensive. Coming from someone who used to own a business that baked and sold dog treats, these are expensive for what they are, and as a whole this is a pricey pet subscription box service.
  • They’re big treats, and don’t snap too easily
  • They aren’t that appealing. Most dogs will eat them, because most dogs will eat most food haha…but they’re not moist, or pongy, or overly meaty so unless your dog is a weirdo they won’t work well for high value treats.

I feel like I’m slamming the company, and I’m not. Their treats were fine. My dogs ate them.

But I was expecting more. 130g of treats for a ‘box’ doesn’t sit well with me, not when there are companies out there Β that put a LOT of effort into their boxes…love you Barks & Bunnies, wish we had more money XD

I think for a treat ‘box’, I’d expect three different types – these hearts would be a great ‘bigger’ less appealing treat, then smaller ones that are ideal for training, and maybe a bigger chew treat.

These ‘boxes’ are Β£5.99, and you get this:


At the time, the rabbit box was Β£9.99 and you got this

Quantity makes a difference. Varied products will always get me more excited than one mediocre product.

In conclusion…

If you have money to spare and think this looks good, try it. These are okay treats.

If you want to give them to your dog who loves food, purely as a one-off treat, they’re probably great – s/he will most likely really enjoy them!

But if you were getting this boxΒ to experience a variety of treats, don’t do it! Or if you’re getting this box because your dog is picky, and you’re hoping for hugely enticing treats, I’d give it a miss.

These are good, standard treats…but unfortunately that’s it!

In conclusion we rate them –

1.5 paws out of 4!

Toller update – GOOD NEWS!!!

Hello all.

We just had an amazing appt with a new vet at the surgery who was just exceptional.

Not only did she not charge us to re-splint Toller, but she gave us a heap of information the other vet did not, and she gave us a cone for free too πŸ™‚

Toller was just wonderful at the vets and was wagging at everybody and really really good. This dog constantly amazes me, she’s just incredible.


We’re not looking at amputation!!

OR the wire surgery πŸ˜€

My partner talked to the vet about the surgery that the other vets (one in particular) was pushing, and this vet actively told us that the surgery was not needed. She said that there are huge risks and complications with that surgery, and that there’s really no need, as because Tolly is young there’s a good chance of her bones healing using splints and crate rest.

She said that, once fully healed, should the leg cause issues we can think about it then, and amputation would be an option.

Toller has another splint on and a cone, and this vet warned us that splints do just fall off and if they can’t get a splint to stay she will be left to heal naturally, obviously on strict crate rest.

We’re looking at 6-8 weeks crate rest, with regular appts to check up and x-rays down the road. Once fully healed we re-asses but, if it goes the best it can, no further action will be needed πŸ˜€

I will keep you updated. Tolly is absolutely POOPED after the excitement of the day ❀

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Please share Spud’s Go Fund Me!

If you can splatter this link anywhere and everywhere that would be really helpful:


In a couple hours we have a vet appt to have Toller re-splinted, but we will not be discussing amputation then as we don’t know which vet it will be. The whole treatment from the vet has been just awful; we found out on the receipt they charged a Β£38 consultation fee for when we went to collect Tolly –Β the vet gave us no aftercare advice, didn’t tell us what to do next, and simply said “the other vet explained everything to you, didn’t she?”

We were totally unaware that counted as a consultation, and the fact they charged us Β£38 for it is beyond disgusting.Β 

My partner is going to discuss this with them later, and we will be asking to talk to our vet via phone to bring up the possibility of amputation.

We are also going to be calling other vets in our area, along with rescues in case they can help set up an emergency fund that more people will see, and we’re going to try find a teaching hospital as sometimes they apparently charge less for operations.

I’ve done a lot of research on amputation and have found an amazing resource of a ‘tripod’ (3 legged) pet forum.

There are several owners whose dogs suffered a similar injury and, like Tolly, their vets tried to repair the limb.

One person’s dog was fine for two years but then developed severe end-stage arthritis. This meant they needed an elbow replacement (she brought up amputation then and the vet refused), the elbow replacement led to a chronic infection, and then finally the leg was amputated. The dog is pain free now.

And another person’s dog had a similar break to Tolly which was allowed to heal, and again the dog needed amputation a few years later and had been living with pain for suspected all that time.

I’ve written out loads of info and questions for the vet (they are so gonna hate us…) asking all sorts. One thing we *need* to know is a) what is the prognosis with the surgery where they wire her bones, and b)Β what are the chances of repeat procedures.

The vets haven’t mentioned that to us AT ALL, we had no idea that there was even a possibility of a repeat procedure. Every person I have spoken to who has experience with this (including a vet nurse) has warned me that complications and repeat procedures run extremely high with an injury like this.Β The vets told us nothing.

I find this absolutely shameful.

The only thing they have said about this procedure, and that was done over the phone, was that “hopefully” it will help Tolly heal better than a splint would. Hopefully. And that she would still be lame afterwards, but ‘probably’ not as much as if we just used splints.

That is not good enough. For a surgery that would cost Β£1200-1600 and that is extremely invasive with a long recovery time, that is not good enough.

There are many reasons why amputation would be a better choice, but vets seem to be against this because it seems so drastic. My reasons are:

  • Amputation completely gets rid of the need for further repairing surgeries for the leg
  • Unlike either of the other two options, Tolly would be able to walk (without pain) and would be able to go on walks, interact with calm and similarly sized dogs, etc. She would get to be a dog much more than having a fourth lame, painful leg.
  • Although amputation is a huge procedure obviously, recovery tends to be faster and easier and the dog tends to bounce back and adjust very well

Please please continue to share Tolly’s fund and I will keep you as updated as possible.