Tolly update, crate rest is over!

Keeping it short because I’ve been horribly ill from the moment I got up today.

Toller finally had her vet appt this afternoon and we got the best news ever, crate rest is over!

The vet said that Toller has recovered faster than any of them could have anticipated, and even from her vet appt a few weeks ago Toller has made more progress than expected. The vet said that Toller can now be put on the ground in the house for several minute bursts, then held for a while, and put down again.

Obviously she’s not to run madly or jump on and off furniture, but this will be huge for her 🙂

It goes without saying we are very happy. Can’t wait until I’m well enough to play and interact with her on the floor.


Oh and here is a cute video from yesterday, I think…we discovered she loves the spray bottle!!

Crate rest: day 11 part 2

12.25pm – about to leave Nyx in the pen/crate with three puzzle feeders and a variety of toys, plus music playing.

1.05pm – got home to a silent house!!!

Went upstairs and got Nyx out to toilet her, then pretty much ignored her. She’d torn some cardboard and a blanket (both of which we’d meant to move), but she was settled and quiet when we got home 😀

We’re going to move the guinea pig cage off the top of Nyx’s crate today. Now she has access to the pen area, she can actually see the pigs when they come to the front of their cage, and that doesn’t feel very fair.

Me and my partner had a *really* nice time to ourselves. Went and sat in the middle of the nearby fields. It was so calming!

2.15pm – closed Nyx in the crate whilst we sat and watched TV.

She was only in there 15 minutes, but she did really well. She switched between sitting / lying quietly & emptying her Kong, there was a very brief stretch of whining but no real stress. We let her out when she had been quiet a few minutes.

I love the article about crate training on this site – very reassuring and positive 🙂

4pm – I’ve just been laying in Nyx’s crate with her for the past 40 minutes hahaha. I stole the orange cushion and she lay on the bed beside me 🙂

I’ve squeezed out and am sat in the pen area at the front now, as Nyx sleeps in the crate to my side. I figure anytime she can happily choose to be in the crate and any positive experiences she has with it are obviously good for her training!

Also, I think I’ll stop doing hour-by-hour crate rest blogs now…after all, she’s not on crate rest anymore!

Today we had such a nice walk with her, and she spent 25 minutes walking on the ground, split into two bursts.

She walked beautifully and we all had an awesome time, it was SO FUN to get out exploring with her again! There was even an old man walking an extremely loud reactive dog on just the opposite side of the road, and Nyx did LAT perfectly 😀

She hasn’t been tethered or restricted at all today, she’s had full access to the room. I’m glad she’s doing so well, 12 days of injury was more than enough!

Crate rest: day 11 of ?

7am – Nyx had been whining about 15 minutes and licking my face – I was NOT a happy bunny, as ever I suck at being woken when I haven’t had much sleep, and we went to bed around 2am last night.

So I woke up entirely pissed off, and realised Nyx needed the loo. In order to take her to the loo I’d have to get up, get dressed, and take Nyx for a walk.

I texted my partner a few times via a free texting site (my mobile had run out of charge and the hole you put the charger in is broken) asking him to come back ASAP, but he didn’t.

I played with Nyx and tried to keep her busy, but it was obvious she needed the loo badly, so I put her harness on and started rushing to get dressed…and she peed on the footstool.

By this point I’m furious at myself and my partner, but at least Nyx shouldn’t need the loo now…oh no, now she’s saying she needs a poo.

I stop what I’m doing cleaning the pee and start rushing to get dressed again, and Nyx jumps up and grabs the weey toilet roll and starts tearing it up all around the room. Wonderful.

I pick her up, run downstairs, and my partner’s taken the lead I use on Kasper’s walk and left me with one I hate – it’s really long and in two parts so the dogs’ legs always get tangled in it and it feels like they’re constantly going to run onto the road no matter how short you hold it.

I get Nyx out the door, dodging the aggressive yappy Yorkie, and see my partner coming up the street. I yell to him “You are so dead”, and proceed to walk to the grass with Nyx…she does a poo immediately.

9.20am – Nyx is snuggled beside me, she’s gone back to sleep.

I wish I could get back to sleep haha, I’m totally going to end up manic after being woken this morning…sleep is so crucial to my Bipolar, but at least we all handled this situation fairly well 🙂

10.50am – just had a very, very long talk about Nyx and keeping her / rehoming her.

(please no comments about “oh give her a chance, you should keep her” etc – kind of belittles our situation with our other dogs, my Bipolar etc)

Our current thought is that we are testing the water in terms of keeping Nyx.

Here are our issues with keeping her:

  • The other dogs are spending far, FAR too much time in their crates. Like a *horrible* amount of time. This is for two reasons:
    1) Nyx is on crate rest, so she can’t interact with Kasper at all. She would use her leg too much, whether it would be through excitement or attempting to play
    2) Nyx can’t be left in her crate for longer than 30 minutes as we attempt to deal with her SA/crate issues. Obviously not good as means we can’t get out and do things, and don’t have enough time for us both to walk the boys together.


  • My partner is really struggling to walk the boys as he doesn’t feel comfortable leaving me alone so much…but there’s not much else we can do.
  • Nyx has crate issues / SA, which we are not able to deal with long-term – if you’ve followed this blog since January, you will know that. Having two other dogs, and one adult in the house suffering from Bipolar, means you can’t stay with a dog 24/7


  • We can’t have Nyx screaming in her crate continuously when we have to leave the house. If she truly does have SA it isn’t fair on her, us, or our neighbours.


  • Nyx has missed out on a puppy introduction to Kasper, which means an intro will be much harder now…it may be possible, but it will most likely take months, which means we would have to have three dogs living separately in one small house.
    Raiden was already supposed to have been introduced to Kasper, but that got scuppered hugely by Zoey. I do not want that happening again (this time due to crate rest) and have to keep all three dogs separately…that’s not happening, it’s a huge ball-ache and it’s not fair on them.

At the moment, my daily routine is keeping Nyx busy. I’m with her 24/7 playing, feeding, training, and keeping her company as she can’t really be left. If we leave her, it’s for half an hour, so I get that time away.

I don’t get to see my other dogs, because I need to be with Nyx. I can’t walk my other dogs alone (due to Bipolar) and I can’t accompany my partner as he walks them because it means leaving Nyx too long, and the noise of us returning/leaving with dogs seems to make her worse.

I last saw Kasper the day before yesterday when I snuck out to see him as Nyx was sleeping. I got to spend about 10 minutes with him, Nyx woke up almost as soon as I left so was making noise. I cried when seeing him.

I last saw Raiden about three days ago when we took him for a walk. That was when Nyx had her huge freak-out.

I feel like I’m barely seeing my partner too, and when I do see him I’m so stressed all I do is try to start arguments. He’s either out walking our other dogs (supposed to be 45-60 minutes per walk, 6+ times a day), going to get shopping, or cooking.

I’m just with Nyx…which would be fine if we could leave her, and I got to see my boys at least a little.

I’m also not getting to do much walking at all, because obviously Nyx can’t walk and is too heavy to carry far. Walking is probably my main way of releasing stress, so that isn’t good. I *need* to be in the countryside regularly to feel in any way human 😛

I don’t mind sacrificing this time with my other dogs if I know it’s not going to be a permanent or ongoing thing, but if Nyx develops SA there’s no saying it wouldn’t be. I miss my boys.

So here’s our plan

We continue our crate work with Nyx, and we leave her alone at least once a day for 30-60 minutes no matter how much she whines or stresses. We can’t take it any slower and, if she’s just being a stroppy puppy, she’ll learn to deal with it.

In the day we’ll reinforce the crate lots, and we’ll also shut her away with us in the house, often right next to her, so she learns that being put in the crate doesn’t always mean she’s going to be left alone.

During the day we’re going to put a barrier across half of the room, and start bringing Kasper in.

This is so that a) I get to see and spend time with him, b) he gets time out of his crate, and c) Nyx can get used to him. If she loses her head (and she will) she will be ignored, then picked up, then resigned to her crate or on a tether and totally ignored.

The hope here is that even though Nyx can’t interact with Kasper, she can get used to seeing him as part of the furniture, and maybe when she is fully healed she might be calmer around him and they could spend time together.

We will give this a few weeks, and if we see any progress we’ll keep going. If we’re not seeing progress, we’ll re-evaluate the situation, and might have to seriously consider rehoming her.

It was good to have this talk when we were doing well, and when Nyx is being an angel (that way no negative emotions affect our judgement!). I’m pleased we have a plan, I’m pleased we’ve outlined the problems and are trying to solve them.

I know we both *really* want Nyx to be able to stay. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

11am – I’ll post this now as we’re about to wake Nyx up for a walk.

Crate rest: day 10 part 2

3.20pm, Nyx is snuggled next to me on the footstool sleeping, and listening to her relaxation music.

We’ve actually taken her tether off now! We have the room door shut, and our room is quite small (12ft x 10ft?) so she can’t move about too much. She’s enjoying the freedom, and is loving snuggling next to mum again 🙂

4.30pm – Nyxie girl is up, I phoned my partner and asked him to come back early from Raiden’s walk, because I’ve got another migraine and just want to lie in a corner.

5.35pm – my partner’s been playing calmly with Nyx, trying not to get her too wound up (‘cos y’know, that’s my job 😉 ), and now she’s chewing her croc next to me on the footstool.

5.45 and Nyx appears to be sleeping again…not sure why but definitely not complaining. I wish I could sleep as easily as she can.

7pm – Nyx has been up about 20 minutes, being an absolute star.

Not only has she been playing nicely and keeping all four paws on the floor, but we also just had her shut in the crate for 10 minutes, and she rocked it.

She chose to settle in the crate rather than the pen, and was quiet and calm whilst I occasionally fed her treats – in fact it wasn’t until afterwards that we realised the Kong I’d given her had rolled and gotten stuck behind the open crate door, so she was in there without a puzzle feeder!!

8pm – Nyx is in full douchebag mode 😛

We tethered her back up as she was getting zoomy, and now she just needs to settle and sleep. Sometimes settling is the hardest thing for her – she will go rest in her crate for a minute or two and be SO close to sleep, then get up and begin arsing about all over again!

I’ve mainly just been colouring and trying to get rid of this migraine. I’m rendered pretty much useless when I have a migraine, and I get them A LOT 😦

8.15pm and my partner is off out to toilet Kasper. We’re putting Nyx in the crate/pen, which is right next to me, with a chew that will hopefully last her quite a while. I’ll be sporadically throwing her treats, too.

I hope she isn’t too whiny because I don’t think my head can cope…

8.55pm; she’s been in the crate for 45 minutes, and a few minutes ago fell into a deep sleep. This feels like pretty good progress 🙂

When I first put her in and closed the door, I didn’t need to throw treats to her at all, she was too busy with her chew. My partner had said this chew lasted her about 30 minutes, so I thought I’d have some nice chill time…nope, Nyx had finished it in less than 10 minutes!!

For about five minutes she completely ignored the filled Kong she had in there, and instead went from one place to another…sitting by the bars facing me, lying on the cushion in the crate etc.

I threw her treats occasionally, tried to throw them when she wasn’t focusing on me. There was a brief period of consistent whining (less than 15 seconds total).

My partner got back as Nyx had finally taken an interest in the Kong. She was busy doing that about 10 minutes, then had another long stretch of settling in various places but refusing to actually fall asleep. A few sporadic whines, but literally one whine every five minutes or so.

Now she’s spark out, and in about 10 minutes we’ll let her out before she wakes and makes any noise 🙂

9.10pm – let her out, she was awake but just quietly and calmly watching the world go by. Now she’s snuggled next to me, just chilling and observing.

9.25 and fast asleep, bless her.

10.30 and she’s been chilling with her eyes open for about 15 minutes, now she’s gotten up and gone to rest in her crate on the cushion. Perfect timing as I’ll feed and sort the pigs, then we can take her for a short walk and hopefully tire her for bed.

11.20pm – pigs are all done, heading out with Nyx now and then all going to bed.

Hopefully I can sleep of this migraine, and maybe tomorrow will be a pain-free day…

Crate rest: day 10 of ?

5.45am – Nyx woke up and was licking me and climbing on me. I’ve got this tactic now where I roll onto my side and smush my face into a cabinet, so her tether can’t reach XD

8.30am – my partner and Noonar are up, so every now and then I get her scrabbling over me or licking my face, and have to turn into the cabinet again.

10.30am – Woke up. Had a crap wake up with Nyx clawing at my face in excitement hahahaha. Her nails are as short as the quicks will allow atm, but they’re so frickin’ sharp I’m constantly covered in scratches and if she gets me after a shower her nails slice through me like a knife through cake XD

11am – playing like a looooon!

For the most part she is playing well. Bit of tug, but mostly she’s just chasing toys and throwing them about. She has had a few times where she has done zoomies, or where she’s dashed to the end of the tether and jerked back…but mostly she’s being okay.

11.20am – just won a toilet battle!!

Four times we took her out and she refused, and on the 5th time after not letting her get more than a few steps away from us in the house, she peed in the garden. YES!

11.45am – Nyx has finally stopped dashing around and trying to do zoomies and lying in her crate on the orange cushion. I’m throwing her pieces of dried fish every 30 seconds or so.

11.50am – she’s actually asleep in her crate with the door open, sprawled across the giant cushion 🙂

12.40pm – Nyx has left her crate, after being in there for over an hour, and is asleep on the floor now. I think we’ll take her for a ‘walk’ soon.

12.55pm, heading out now. It’s raining pretty heavily, but we have Raiden’s (too short!) coat on Nyx so hopefully she’ll manage!


1.30pm – back from our rainy walk 🙂

Nyx was very unsure at first, because of the coat and the medium strength rain, but after some uber-enthusiastic acting from me and lots of treats, she got used to it.

This has been her first ‘walk’ where she has actually walked on the ground from our front door! She walked down through the village, crossed the road, and then we picked her up because there was a gaggle of obnoxious teenagers approaching.

We carried her for about five minutes, then she went down for another five (and did a wee in her coat!), and we carried her home.

Yay for  positive socialisation with weather, coats, loud people, and cyclists 🙂


“I am getting socialised. See how happy I am?”

Also we just spoke to the vets, as they wanted an appt with Nyx on Monday but their phones were down and we couldn’t get through. Anyway, they left an answerphone message, so we called them back.

We only spoke to the receptionist, and my partner basically said: we’re struggling to get to your surgery (it’s not only far away, but there’s no public transport to it either) so if we do need to take Nyxie to a vet, we’d prefer to take her to our local one.

Secondly we don’t think she needs an appointment, given she hasn’t limped in almost a full week now, and we’re confident in our ability to increase her exercise slowly.

We did only speak with a receptionist, but by god was she not happy that we wanted to go elsewhere – lots of “well I suppose you could use a local vet, but it won’t be continuous care with people who have treated her up to this point.”

I understand that, but firstly we literally can’t get to you, and secondly…y’know, we don’t *need* this appt!

Plus I trust the good vet at our local surgery more than staff there, and the journey itself is very stressful for Nyx. I’ve already been saying we’ve noticed a big deplete in her confidence since vet times, so taking her to our local surgery or not going to an appt at all would obviously be better 😉

My partner was very good on the phone, and the good vet we saw is going to call us back.

2pm – been doing some good crate work with Nyx.

Closing the door while she’s in there, then sitting about a foot away and marking and rewarding her. She hasn’t whined at all. At first I rewarded her every 2 seconds, after a minute I’d gone up to just rewarding her every ten seconds.

Then I let her out and gave her some love (but no treats) and next time she went into the crate I shut the door and sat on the furthest edge of the footstool (about 3ft away) and repeated the exercise, then I stood up and moved about 5ft away and did the same again.

She didn’t whine at all throughout any of this, so that was great.

As of right now she is choosing to lie down in the crate with the door open, and I’m throwing her ham every 30-60 seconds.

2.15pm and the good vet just called us back – he really is good!

He was completely different to the receptionist; he had no problem with us going elsewhere (even said he completely understood as it was such a journey to get to them!) and he said with how well Nyx is doing we don’t need to see a vet right away.

He said it’d be a good idea to have a vet look at her before we start taking her on full-size walks (which makes complete sense to us) but otherwise there’s no rush 🙂

3pm– just modified the room so Nyxie has a small area of pen in front of her crate when we leave her.

We had the crate like this until she hurt her leg, but obviously had to get rid of the penned area then as it would give her too much room for movement. She seems to like the addition so far and is just chilling in her crate on the cushion – I’m sure it will all change when we leave her in there XD

I’ll post this now, it’s quite long!

Crate rest: day 9 part 2

4.15pm – so after Nyx being disastrous in her crate then suddenly sleeping in there, she woke up and began crying again.

However we had some urgent stuff with our bank we had to sort out, so we left Nyx crying and shut the door on her. We went across the hallway into the other room and shut that door too, so we could hardly hear her crying.

She stropped after about 15 minutes, then was silent for 20. She woke up and screamed briefly, then shut up again, and we let her out after a few minutes silence.

Finally got to the bottom of the money problem, too. Turns out ESA stopped paying us, for no reason, and we should be £900 up now…no wonder we can’t afford anything; vet bills, food, rent. I wish they’d told us, this has been going on for 6 weeks and we didn’t realise, it was only after my partner spoke with the bank about fraud it was revealed.

Still, good to know we will be able to afford things in a few days. Means we can order Raiden’s birthday presents next week too 🙂

5.45pm – after some craaazy playing, Nyx is asleep.

At some points she was playing pretty well; excited but cute. At other times she was way too hyped – she nipped my nose tip at one point and it was one of those injuries that makes your eyes water immediately 😛

She settled in her crate for about 15 minutes, which was nice to see. We put a large cushion in there as she loves snuggling up and resting her head on top of things. She seems to like it so far 😉

Nyx left the crate after a while and is lying on a pillow at my feet now.

6.30pm – Nyx is still sleeping and we have managed to sort things out so we should have some money and be able to afford food soon hahaha.

I’ve been doing a lot of research about crate training whilst my partner’s walking the boys, and here are my thoughts:

1) It’s possible Nyx is being more vocal in her crate because attention barking is something she has been practising A LOT. She has been so wound up due to being severely restricted in her exercise and movement, and attention and frustration barking is something she has begun using.

Although we have tried our very best to never reinforce her noise, it’s possible it could have happened accidentally, or she could have found the act in itself reinforcing.

2) It’s possible she is going through a fear period and so being alone is suddenly more scary. And that by waiting it out, doing more crate games, and adding a calming aid to her food, we might win this out.

3) She is getting little exercise at the moment, so maybe even though she’s tired when we are leaving her, she’s not at the same level of tired she would be if she’d been getting daily walks, training etc etc.

So I’m thinking there are a few things we will be trying:

  • Closing the door to the room every time Nyx is in her crate. Not only to block out noises from the other part of the house, but so that I don’t get as stressed out by her whining – dog whining is probably the most annoying noise to me in the world!
  • Making the noise we leave her with LOUDER. When we are home, there’s almost always noise…I even fall asleep better at night with something on TV. Although we always leave Nyx with the TV on, or relaxation music, we’ll be upping the volume
  • Making sure she NEVER thinks we are reinforcing her for making noise. This means if she makes noise (whether out the crate or in) we turn away and, if she continues, we leave the room
  • All meals are fed in the crate, with the door shut. When we let her out, we take the puzzle feeders from her – in the crate = fun stuff, out the crate = end of fun stuff
  • Alongside this we will be playing crate games with her

We’re going to be leaving her in the crate when we’re in the house as well as when we leave the house. We’ll be leaving her to cry it out, no matter how long it takes. She’ll go away when she’s as tired as possible and has been to the toilet, but we want to be putting her in the crate at least a few times a day.

9pm – off out for a ‘walk’.

Nyx has been playing nicely, if excited, but has got herself extremely worked up, so now we’ll take her for a carry around to reset her and help stimulate her in a calming way.

Omb, at one point she did LEAP off the footstool and into the guinea pig crate!!! She had been watching them for a while, then all of a sudden just dived into the side of the cage and flopped onto the floor…I almost had a heart attack! 😛

She has been enjoying the pigs today, and Chelsea pig got kisses!

9.45pm and we’re back!

My back is *killing*, my god is she suddenly heavy, even with the baby sling! We had a nice carry at dusk, which is when she used be most scared, so it’s good to still get her out in the gloom. She got to do a few short bursts of walking (around 6 minutes total), and she saw a woman out walking her 3 legged GSD.

Hopefully she’ll settle down to bed soon.

9.47 and my partner just brought her upstairs from taking her to the loo, then needed the loo himself, and by the time he’d got back Nyx had weed on the floor. WHY does she refuse to go outside and then go immediately inside sometimes?! When other times she will hold her bladder for hours, let us know she needs to go, and do fab?!?!?

We had an accident free day yesterday with ease, then today she’s had TWO accidents indoors – the first was when she refused to go in the garden after coming out her crate (she seems to do this after a crate freak out, I guess stress) and the second was now, for no reason.

My partner is as frustrated with her today as I feel with her everyday XD

10pm – pig pics, just ‘cos.

And how cute is this? 🙂

10.05pm. Wow Nyx is being a handful. Got the doggy relaxation music on, but she’s too busy prancing about, trying to get items that aren’t for her and tossing toys into the air to sleep *rolls eyes*

10.10, she’s in her crate on the giant cushion, still and settled, hopefully about to fall asleep!

10.55pm, she was actually asleep but I had to wake her up to dole out meds to the pigs. Ah well, she’s semi-settled now!

Bed for us all after our hardest day of crate rest so far…mostly thanks to Nyx and my Bipolar, with a few other handy difficulties chucked in. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better one.

Crate rest: day 9 of 42

10am – Morning wake up.

I had to take a pill to help me sleep in the night because I woke up at 5am with my mind racing – wonder if I’m going manic? Either way I got back to sleep, and woke up this morning about an hour after Nyx.

10.50am and Nyx has been ready to settle for about half an hour.

She’s been chewing her sleepy rawhide, but every now and then gets up for seemingly no reason and tries to play, and we have to keep saying “no, no Nyx, you’re tired, go to sleep” 😀

11am – sleeping.

12pm – Nyx woke up, played pretty nicely. Done a good amount of reinforcing for being in the crate.

Just had a huge argument – well, not really an argument, I don’t know what it was – with my partner. He’s refusing to leave me alone because he has to ‘keep me safe’, but I need time away from everything, and then I got reeeaaally angry because it’s all well and good keeping me safe, but I need something to help my mental state too.

I told him it’s like if a zoo ‘rescued’ an endangered animal, then made it live out its’ life in a tiny concrete enclosure with nothing to do. Physically the animal is safe, but mentally it would have been better off dead.

If you follow my Bipolar blog, I’m sorry for rambling about this on both blogs!

I’m feeling entirely stuck Bipolar-wise. Entirely stuck. We’ve contacted mental health charities and other services, and nobody has any ideas on how to move forward. We are stuck.

12.40, Nyx has actually settled to sleep again. I think we might walk her up for a ‘walk’ soon.

1pm – heading out now!

1.50 and another nice walk completed 🙂

We bumped into an elderly man who lives in the village and we stop and chat with him. It was good practice for Nyx to stay calm; she had no interest in greeting or looking at him, and at one point he did greet her and give her a stroke, but he’s not a very doggy person, so it was over and done with in 5 seconds. I thought that was a good thing for Nyx to get used to.

We crossed the bridge and put Nyx down, and she got to walk some more!

She walked about 5-6 minutes this time, and she did much better attention wise too. She was checking in and walking much nicer than yesterday…not sure if it’s because this wasn’t her first walk or because we didn’t give her such a big meal this time 😛

Now we’re just waiting for her to calm down so we can leave her, and go grab some shopping.

2.30pm – doggy relaxation music went on 10 minutes ago, and she’s spark out! Leaving her in her crate now.

3.25pm – well, it happened again. Came back and could hear her making noise outside, came in and she’s completely stressed out.

Now sat with our backs to her completely ignoring her as she whines at medium volume and stress pants. She can come out when she shuts up.

I am so done -__-

The thing I don’t understand is that when we left her today it was the *exact* same situation as yesterday – it was after a walk, when she was tired and had completely wound down. She was sleeping when we transferred her over, same as yesterday. We left the relaxation music on, she had cuddle toys, and several puzzle feeders.

Yesterday she didn’t make a peep, today she was screaming by the time we were putting our shoes on, and making noise when we returned. I am really pissed off.

We’re struggling so much alongside this with mental health, giving our other dogs time (obviously Nyx takes A LOT of our time being on crate rest), money, and everything else…I’m really wondering if we should just rehome her now. I honestly don’t know.

3.30 whining has developed to screams. Oh, 3.32 and she’s sleeping, out of nowhere.

Nyx has had these freak outs in her crate three times total since we found her now; each time there has been no obvious trigger, and the previous two she had positive times in her crate immediately after them.

The first time was several weeks ago, the second time was the day before yestserday, and the third time was obviously today. I have no idea where to go from here, how to work on her crate training…I have no idea if we should just be looking for a better home for her.

I don’t think myself and partner have ever felt so defeated.

3.40; after a very brief talk we think we’re going to continue with what we’re doing: making the crate a positive place, rewarding her for choosing to be in there, and leaving her no matter what. We’re also going to start shutting her in when we’re home (as we haven’t done as much of that) and build it up, ignoring any noise.

We have some natural calming powder on the way that we ordered a few days ago too, you never know, that might help.

If she doesn’t improve after a few weeks, we’re not able to deal with this, but by then her leg will most likely be 100% better and we will have to try find her the best home possible.

She’s still sleeping by the way, dead to the world inside her crate.