About me

I recently changed my name, so hello, I am Dally. These are me’s XD

I’m a big-time animal lover who also enjoys being creative. You can check me out on Instagram here:
Dogs: @adventuresoftrickdogs
Me: @dalliescrazyworld

I used to love writing until my seizures completely destroyed my ability to write / read. I enjoy creating things, and thinking outside the box; here is some wall art made from malleable glue!


I’m Bipolar, and my illness defines a lot of my life – I don’t really know who I am as my sleeping habits, energy levels, behaviour and even my reality changes with my symptoms.

I have type 1 Bipolar, alongside Generalised Anxiety Disorder, OCD, psychosis and I have seizures (simple and complex partial, and absent seizures). My partner is my full-time carer, and he has been caring for me since we were 19 years old.

It turns out I had been having seizures as long as I can remember, however because they weren’t obvious I didn’t have a clue. It’s only within the past six months when I’ve started having more ‘typical’ seizures that we’ve started connecting the dots. You can read more about symptoms and the impact on our lives here!


I am currently training my own seizure alert dog so I can leave the house safely. Sasha is a Standard Poodle and is *awesome*!



I think because I put a lot of time into keeping *this* blog light hearted, it is easy to think I am a “normal” person and my issues don’t really affect me day to day. This is entirely untrue, and I have actually started to write a bit more about how my disabilities affect me recently.

For more ‘gritty’ posts, check out our bipolar blog: Bipolar And Us

Stepping away from my spoonie life…

For several years I was a professional dog walker and also helped people out with basic obedience, advanced / specific training tasks, and behavioural issues such as fear until I got too sick.

My main passion in life is animals, especially dogs.

I also love poultry, and pretty much any rodent; from rabbits to mice, you name it. Our house is full of animals.

I have been surrounded by pets since I was a very small child but, as my mum’s allergies became even more severe, pets were restricted to the garden (my beloved chickens) or I could have a small rodent in my room.

I lurve video games and enjoy the following consoles: Xbox 360, PS1/2/3, N64, Wii, PC, Gameboy advance, DS / 2DS and tablet. But when the game’s are scary, I just watch my partner play them!!

I also love photography, but can’t really indulge anymore as editing the photos triggers my seizures. I live for big long walks in the countryside, and can’t stand being in cities 😉

I’m extremely lucky to have the most amazing boyfriend on the planet. We have been dating for seven years and I became very ill soon after we began dating…he has been with me through thick and thin and handled everything my illnesses have thrown at him like a pro. I honestly don’t deserve him and he has no idea what a hero he is.


And that is all 🙂

updated Feb 2017

25 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello!
    I already wrote this comment once before, but when the page re loaded it wasnt there…so sorry if youve had it twice!
    Just wanted to say hi really, as I came across your blog, and it reminded me of me! I’m an animal/dog person of course, but I too am in my first year of running a dog walking/sitting/puppy care business! My boyfriend is also a gamer and collector of pretty much everything, and a student of games design.
    I just thought there were too many coincidences to not say hello! I’m following too 🙂

    • Haha that is a lot of similarities! As a fellow dog walker are you looking forward to all the wet winter days?! 😀

      Welcome to my blog! I’ll go check yours out too 😉

      • Hello 🙂

        Sorry about my delayed reply, i’ve taken on a new client recently so it’s been busy, but fun of course!

        I kind of am looking forward to the wet days! Is that strange?! I don’t really like the sun! I just like being wrapped up and cosy. Although i’ll probably be complaining once it rains every day…

  2. Thank you for checking out my newly-started blog. I really appreciate you taking the time to read it.

    It sounds like you have your hands full with all of your animals – how great! When I was at school we had giant African Land Snails in my form room, along with some rats and Leopard geckos – when I first started I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I’ve always wanted rats and hissing cockroaches too and can’t understand why people said they would stop visiting if I got some 😉 Interested to read about your dog walking business as I was hoping to start doing some dog walking in this year before I go to university.

    • No problem, I thought your blog was great and really enjoyed reading it 🙂

      Your school sounds amazing, mine had a strict policy about no animals 😦 Haha I have no idea why people are so against rats, I think they’re just gorgeous! I can kinda understand with the Hissers, I guess 😉

      Good luck getting your dog walking up and running, and thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

    • Oh thank you for letting me know, I think I should have fixed it now! And thank you so much for the lovely comment, we are SO relieved the surgery went well and she’s bouncing back so quickly 🙂

      I’ll try get back into the swing of posting more so you can all be kept updated with her recovery!

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