Mojo’s town trip

I don’t remember what I have and haven’t posted, what with being ill and having increased seizures….so I’m just gonna write about Mojo’s trip into town from a few days ago.

I had a nap this evening and my partner walked Mojo whilst I slept…I was super pissed because today’s the first day I’ve been well enough to walk him, and my partner coulda walked either of the girls, but he walked Mojo. Guess I have to wait another day to take my baby boy out 😦

Here’s the last walk I did go on with him though, and it was awesome!

We walked into town and stopped by a takeaway to place an order, then walked through the centre to a shop. Mojo was incredible, and despite the busy town centre he was just focusing on me. The best bit was when this dumbass woman in her late 40’s that works at Co-op came out and started cooing at Mojo, from about 2ft away, and Mojo literally just ignored her and focused on me, wagging his tail!!

It was special because that same moron was an absolute fucking idiot a year or so back, when Pixie was with us. Pixie had her NERVOUS lead and a harness that said DO NOT PET, and the woman came up saying “Do not pet, what’s that mean?”

My partner explained Pixie was a rescue and very very fearful of people, and we were slowly exposing her to the world and showing her she didn’t need to be scared. I moved myself and Pixie away as my partner spoke to the woman. The woman then said “But she needs socialising doesn’t she, she needs people to stroke her so she isn’t scared”, and she started trying to walk over to me and Pixie, even though we were 20+ft away!!!

I do not understand why people think fearful dogs need to be interacted with, it honestly blows my mind. I just bought this lead for Sasha tonight, because people can’t understand that because she’s nervous with people THAT MEANS DON’T FECKING INTERACT WITH HER!!

Anyway. After about 20 seconds of Mojo ignoring the moron, I told him it was okay to go say hi and took him over to her so he would actually interact with her – not for her sake, but because I knew Mojo would enjoy it 😉

He greeted her, then she called out another staff member who he got to say hello to, and then he got to greet a customer too!!

Feeling very happy with himself we headed to a supermarket car park, and Mojo got to go off lead because everywhere was shut.

We worked on stays…


And unders!


On the way back to the takeaway we also practiced perching on a raised uneven surface 😀

Outside the takeaway Mojo was phenomenal – we were sat on the main strip in town, next to a busy road and people milling about, and this is what he did! ❤


A family going to pick up their food also fussed him, and again he ignored them until I really drilled home that he should go say hi XD

My favourite thing is just after he’s greeted someone, and afterwards he walks around with THE BIGGEST grin on his face!!

It’s the same if I call him to do something on walks, he’ll be mooching about minding his own business, then I call him and he runs over with a grin…he’s so awesome 🙂

My partner’s just out with Sasha, then we’re taking Tolly for a walk through town and probably along the canal. We were gonna bring Sasha too, but I couldn’t be arsed dealing with people forcing themself on her…it’s always worse when there’s a friendly dog walking with her, people think Sasha’s missing out if they don’t fuss her too, even when we say she doesn’t want attention -__-

I love that Toller’s nub has enough hair for harnesses now, because she’s getting much more impressive walks and we’re all loving it!


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