Puppy socialisation & training


Mojo is 12 weeks old, and at that marvelous stage where all he really wants is to focus on me and make me happy.

This obviously works in my favour for training πŸ˜‰

The great thing about this guy is that he LOVES training. Whilst it’s a huge farce to have a 12 week old puppy that needs socialising and training, he’ll hopefully be placed with our friend in less than a month, as soon as our friend’s moved into his flat. It does make things stupid difficult with training Sasha and walking Pudder everyday, but we’re managing. Just about.

At 12 weeks I’ve taught Mojo

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Wait
  • Touch
  • Recall

You should have seen him today, in the middle of a HEAVING town centre walking about completely focused and sitting on cue. It was great, and made even better by people walking past with their mouths hanging open, exclaiming “he’s so small and can SIT!”

It makes me laugh that people don’t realise you can start teaching puppies as young as 6 weeks old πŸ™‚

Here we were waiting outside a supermarket – look at that focus!

His first walk – coming away from poop, sitting in a new environment, and emergency recall from Sasha πŸ™‚

First heeling outdoors

Off lead exploring and recall

Mojo’s socialisation has involved him being carried EVERYWHERE.

He’s been up a mountain, in charity shops, in a pet shop, sat outside half a dozen shops, sat in the square, been to the beach and the forest and the play park…he’s been a busy little bee πŸ˜›

He’s seen cats and cows and sheep and guinea pigs

Here he is checking out new surfaces at 12 weeks old

Today he had his first solo walk, just him and us! This was also his first time wearing a harness, as our smallest finally fits him!!


We went into town and he walked up the main street, walked outside two different supermarkets, and got to greet half a dozen people. He was confident with everything (toddlers on push bikes, prams, every person, loud lorries going past, trolleys etc) and his focus was immense.


He hasn’t met any unknown dogs yet.

Today we bumped into a dog we met the two times we were at puppy class with Sasha, 6 months back…and whilst it *should* have been a good fit (the dog’s a JRT and it was with a Cocker), unfortunately the dog is now rude, reactive and snappy. So no meeting for Mojo, he’s reactive enough as it is XD

It was also incredibly annoying as I had to keep Sasha on lead around them, otherwise she might have accidentally hurt them in play, but the other dog’s owner didn’t see her dog as doing anything wrong. This meantΒ it was Sasha on a 6ft lead whilst this other dog bothered her. Ugh.

However Mojo has had exposure to our dogs (who all love him), which is fab!


I’m knuckling down with grooming training too.

When this goof got dropped in our laps he wasn’t in the best state – he had a belly full of worms (which we cleared out) and two rear dew claws with curled nails, meaning the nail had grown all the way round and grown INTO his flesh. This meant we had to introduce him to nail trims asap, with both clippers and the dremel – thankfully he’s a huge foodie so it was easy.


Wormy belly – it was HUGE!!

On top of that he’s a mild resource guarder (which requires urgent training, if left as a RG’er at 11 weeks he would most likely be terrible as an adult!) AND reactive; he will bark at children or dogs barking that catch him unawares.

He’s a complicated little dude, but very confident (99.9% of the time when he reacts, he was asleep and they woke him up), and thrives on training. He loves cuddles, has zero issues with handling, and is a fab little man.

Our friend has been a bit off-and-on whether he wants him or not (their family dog gets nothing but walks, so our friend is always a little surprised when he comes to ours’ and sees how much we do with our pups!), but hopefully Mojo will be living with him by the end of next month πŸ™‚

So atm juggling everyone is hard. But we’re managing, and it’s not for forever. The main thing is Mojo’s doing great in his training, and he’s happy & healthy.

Look at this fuzzy little nugget though – who WOULDN’T love him?!


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