Sasha rocks another

We have SUCH a teenage Poodle on our hands atm 😉

Things that Sasha hasn’t done since she was four months old, or things that she has NEVER done, she is starting to do!! The most obvious examples are cat chasing indoors, after not being bothered at all, ever; and jumping excitedly and nipping on walks…you’ve NEVER done those things!!

We’re sapping her of her adolescent arsiness with big walks everyday (she will zoom for several hours, which is so weird to us when she’s always been such a lazy dog!!), training and play indoors, and lotsa puzzle feeders!

Last night I made up a bacth of edible puzzle feeders and two Toppls, all to go in the freezer.

We plug the ends with bread

And the filling is wet dog food, salmon oil, peanut butter and leftover bread crumbs 🙂


Ready for the freezer!

Yesterday our big walk was lovely!

We walked through some fields where Sasha was able to have a little off lead time, but unfortunately some cows were put in the field earlier yesterday that we were unaware of, and so strictly on lead for Sasha through there!! This was Sasha’s first time walking through a field of cows, and she was amazing – no fear at all, and actually play bowed at them a few times XD

We walked to the pub, had a seat, and decided spur of the moment to have a meal!

I haven’t had a meal out in aaaages so it was really cute, especially that Sasha was able to be there too 🙂

As we waited for the meal we had lots of fun training, Sasha was LOVING it!

Sit stay to between

Look at her focus

Off lead stays 🙂

Lots of mucking about. Which means LOTS of jumping 😉


And when food came Sasha was great! She sat or stood next to me, mainly keeping watch on my grub but happily watching her environment too. She was so good the entire meal, and got frequent rewards…the cheese and red onion marmalade panini was a hit with her too 😉

And if you don’t like reptiles, look away now!

First up is Satsu, who we’ve had for about a year now? He’s doubled in size, and we recently moved him into a lovely tank which he seems really happy in 🙂

And we have a new scaley baby, Nakano the Fire Skink 🙂

Isn’t she beautiful?!

She’s our first skink and we couldn’t be happier with our choice, not only is she amazing in looks but seems to have a really chilled inquisitive personality too. She’s only been home a few days and already dozes on top of her log tunnel in plain view 🙂

I handled her for the first time and she seems to love me haha, she was so still and chilled as I held and stroked her…then I passed her to my partner and everytime he held her she went CRAZY!!!

Omb guys it was *hilarious*! She’d flail and run, and I’d take her back and she’d instantly hold still and just watch the world go by XD

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