Poopyhead Sasha

Oh god this cold is killing me -_-

I got about three hours sleep last night, and the rest of the night was spent wiping my streaming and very sore nose, trying to get my chronically achy neck comfy, and almost weeping with exhaustion. Apparently I am really bad at being ill haha! Can’t wait to feel physically better 😀

Today started off grim and grey, but early afternoon the sun blasted through the clouds and outside looked dreamy. I took Sasha out on my own as my partner had to go out, and omg what a butthead she was!!

At first I took her out on just her collar, because she wasn’t working and she’d be off lead within five minutes. Well, she’s having a teenage day, and so we got about a minute and a half from the house and she was walking ahead, on the verge of pulling, refusing to listen to me etc. You better believe I turned us around and marched us right back home.

I put a harness on her (still no vest so not strictly working) and we headed back out. She was much better but by god is she having a rebellious teenage day; she still needed A LOT of reminders how to act and her focus sucked.

Thanks for acting like an absolute tool when I was sick and out on my own, you butt head 😛


Is it just me or does she look incredibly proud of herself XD


Oh and look who can’t even hold a simple stay, adolescent arse 😉 That drop it was on point though, and her second stay was much better!

We did have fun though, I just slacked up a lot and expected less of her, so neither of us got frustrated. She still had to behave, but I didn’t expect perfection or push her too hard.

A video from yesterday – we’ve worked a lot on various behaviours in the ‘between’ position, as Sasha lost confidence there as she grew bigger. I really love working on different things with her in between 🙂

And a video of Charley nailing putting his toy away!


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