Sun fun!

So, strangely, bright sunny days actually seem to be better for my seizures…go figure!

I had been worrying hugely about this summer, as I imagined the sunlight would mean entire days lost to seizures. It actually seems sunny days treat me more kindly, and the only time I will 100% have seizures is at dusk (changes in lighting, screens and lamps seem brighter etc).

These bright days have meant lots of happy hours outside playing with the pups and even doing a bit of gardening, and fun walks 🙂

Today I accidentally exhausted / over-tired Sasha!!

I didn’t factor in that she had been playing in the garden with her brother for OVER AN HOUR, so we went to the field for a half an hour play (so she could ‘let off steam’ XD ) and then after that did a 40 minute working walk…OOOOPS!

She was absolutely exhausted by the end, for the first time in months we had to carry her a little as I could just see her slowing, god bless her 😛

Garden fun ^__^

On the field, which Sasha definitely needed hahaha!

Suited and booted, and ready to work!


Town was HEAVING, I’d not realised at all it was a bank holiday, and so there were people and things *everywhere*.

Sasha did so, SO extremely well until she just got too tired and overworked, and that little puppy brain couldn’t handle it anymore. Two lorries going past was the final straw, and after that she went into ‘skittish mode’ – cars were scary, someone with a pram was scary etc.

It was here I realised she’d already been ‘busy’ for about 2 hours, and so I didn’t blame her at all. We sat on the main road and just relaxed, people watching, until I felt she’d recovered and was ready to carry on. The walk home was much better.

And here’s some fantastic impulse control in the pet shop.

She had to not move towards the bones but hold her place beside me, and she also had to stay with me as my partner moved out of sight – this is something she has HUGELY struggled with in the past, so I was super proud 🙂


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