Kasper’s 6th Gotcha: phase 1

My neck was causing pain all night so I didn’t sleep well, I finally woke at 6am with an agonising neck and a migraine.

My partner looked after me so well and fed me pain pills and gave me a massage, and a few hours later the pain had gone but I was having seizures…ugh!!

As soon as I was able to get out of bed we headed out on Kasper’s Gotcha walk, as I didn’t want to be too ill to manage it later. I’m actually really glad we headed out early, because it’s really warm out already and it was 8.30am – it’s gonna be a scorcher!

We took Kasper on one of his favourite walks and he had a ball – he was SO HAPPY!!! He really did have a blast and it made me so grateful we pushed through some pain and got him out 🙂



Start of the walk – serious face and closed mouth!


“Mum, I have to do TRAINING on my GOTCHA DAY?!”


We made it to the beach!


Yay, HAPPY DOG! ^__^



It’s fine, that’s definitely not salt water you lummox…



Walk fun!

Sasha makes an appearance here too! She’s getting better at walking nicely even with her biggest bro 🙂

And back home, chilling. He still has paint in his ear hair XD


Phase 2 will be lots of homemade treats and his one shop bought gift, which I was able to buy on Prime yesterday and it’s coming today!!

It’s a Busy Buddy Troog, and the medium cost just £8 with next day delivery. I trawled through lots of puzzle feeders and this one looks really cool! I think he’s gonna love it 🙂


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