Amazon ruined phase 2 – training instead!

Kasper’s gift didn’t arrive for his gotcha, booo! Thanks Amazon Prime -__-

As soon as we knew we were definitely getting money next week, I raced onto Prime and trawled through five pages of dog toys, looking for a good yet cheap toy that had a guaranteed delivery date of 25th March (today, his gotcha).

When I found the Busy Buddy Troog I knew it was perfect!

I checked the order all day, hourly at least. It always said it was coming but, right up until 5.30pm, it said it wasn’t dispatched yet, but was still going to arrive today. Just after that we got in touch amazon’s support, and my partner asked if it was going to arrive today…it wasn’t -__-

You’d better believe I was pissed.

I don’t feel bad for Kasper because, obviously, he doesn’t know either way. But I spent so much time when I was feeling ill looking at toy after toy to get him something good, and this is the first thing I’ve bought for the dogs that wasn’t a necessity since our money stopped. And I was so excited for it to complete his Gotcha Day.


Phase two will commence tomorrow, Kasper can have more homemade treats, his Troog and the cheap dog toy we ordered too.

I’ve had an awful day for seizures today. I took CBD oil for the first time in about a week, I’m grasping at straws, the sun is my nemesis and I’m desperate.

Today my partner had to go out, and I had an awful cluster whilst he was gone, I’m assuming I fell, vaguely remember being in the kitchen, and took a small chunk out of my head :/


I’m very lucky that Sasha and Charley are largely trustworthy puppies, especially to say they’re only 8 months old, as otherwise me being lost to the world could be dangerous for us all. As it is they just played really nicely whilst I drifted in and out 🙂

And Sasha has done GREAT at learning to progress from a nose nudge to a paw for my panic alert! Look at this training!

YAY! Great job Sasha, seriously, well done!

Once I’d recovered from the cluster of seizures and my knock to the head, we had a barbecue! Our friend was round and we don’t have BBQs very often, so it was really fun! It was awesome to celebrate the first truly warm day of the year with a barbecue 😀

I think we’re going to head out on a Sasha solo walk now and soak up the last rays of sunlight, but hopefully avoiding anymore seizures. It’s been a beautiful day today.


2 thoughts on “Amazon ruined phase 2 – training instead!

    • Thank you 🙂 It wasn’t too bad outside the clusters, we actually mostly had a really good day! I just lost a few hours and took a whack to the head amongst the good stuff XD

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