We smash a PA walk!!

Ah we had a really good day today guys ๐Ÿ˜€

We started with some training in the house. This included an almost minute long down stay:

And we started learning paw!

Sasha is not a dog who will willingly offer new behaviours, and she is also not at all pawsy. I’d been putting off trying to teach her paw as I assumed it would go badly, but nope, she learned it in a 3 minute session!

You can see a video from the very start over at Instagram (@allymadness – name change alert, because yay new name!) and this is from the very end of the session:

Most importantly…

Sasha did the best she’s ever done with public access / training in general

I was floored!!!

Where has that fearful little puppy gone?! I know another fear period is probably gonna come bite us in the bum soon, but guys today she was just incredible…she looked like a real working, professional dog!

First we had to walk through town, and as we timed it just after school finished, it wasย heaving.

There were people everywhere, kids everywhere, the market was on in the town square, the road was chockablocked with cars etc. And there goes Sasha doing a perfect heel, stopping when I do with no cue, and only needing a few “head up” reminders not to sniff the floor!

We popped into the pet shop and did some training in there. Heeling down the narrow aisles, turning, stopping etc. Sasha was great! She didn’t try and sniff when in ‘work mode’, needed one reminder when we were stood chatting to the owner (she was trying to sniff a plastic reptile plant of all things XD ).

She was great doing a sit stay at my side as my partner and I talked about what we wanted to buy, and she held it as he went and picked up some treats. Then, once we’d paid and were chatting with the owner again, Sasha did a front block perfectly!

Heeling, changing direction, and you can’t see but in the aisle we did a stop and side sit ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m so chuffed!

Today was definitely the best Sasha has ever done. When I was walking through town I wasn’t having to worry about what she was doing at all; I didn’t have to tell her to follow me, move closer, stop when I did…nothing like that, all I did was keep an eye on her and reward her for being good!

I’m also bloody loving her heel atm. Perfect position and it’s so tight!

It was awesome, and I feel a load of pressure off me as we finally got some public access done and it went fantastic, AND our training is really paying off ๐Ÿ™‚

We went on the canal afterwards, here are pics from a rainy canal walk!

Ugh, the cuteness XD

Also, since stopping CBD oil close to a week ago now, my seizures have still been better than they have in ages.


I had two or three days with less than a dozen seizures (which is really really good for me!), a few slightly worse days where I had maybe around 16-20 seizures and some seizure rage, and then today was an under a dozen day too!

Because of the reduced seizures, they’ve obviously had less of an effect on my brain function, mood and behaviour. For the first time in *months* I have been acting like myself, and me and my partner have had a really loving day…it feels so good to mostly be myself again ๐Ÿ˜€

Also, amazingly, the sky was bright white / grey today (which usually results in my worst seizure counts ever), and today was a good day!!! In fact I did 98% of a 60+ minute walk without wearing my ski goggles.

I hope this continues!


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