Lookit my flock!

Nope not chickens, just more button quail 😀

Ellie has been on her own for a few weeks now, and seeing as we had no Chickadee that she could live with, it was time to bring in some new birds.

Usually I’d put the newbies through a 3 week quarantine, but Ellie’s not coping well alone at all and I know she’s healthy, so she’s not gonna pass anything onto the new quail – if they give her something, so be it, but I don’t think she’d survive another 3 weeks alone.

The trio we picked up consist of one beautiful dark boy with a white bib, that we have named Mo, and two beautiful girls that look like a mille fleur chicken – we have creatively named them Speckles and Freckles XD

I kind of didn’t know what to expect with introductions. The closest I’ve ever experienced is chicken intro’s, which are brutal, so naturally I was expecting some squabbling…but nope, these girls are totally chilled with each other and I haven’t seen so much as one single peck.

Well, at least not aggressively 😉

The difference in Eleonor already is amazing.

Before all she would do was pace, and if you went near her cage she would shoot into her box or flap in a panic. She called for other quail about half a dozen times a day, and it was all rather tragic!

Quail are incredibly hard to find in this area, so we *really* lucked out finding these three at our local-ish pet shop 🙂

Ellie moved from an 80cm rat cage into the 100cm Zoozone 2 cage, so her and her pals have more room. I am way happier with my little flock than I thought I would be, it’s so nice to watch their activities and see Ellie integrated into a family again!

Also, one of the newbies already laid! ^__^





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