Training videos coming your way!

Hey guys I’ve had a much better day today 🙂

Low mood has somewhat lifted and I’m just glad not to be obsessed with thinking the world would be better off without me, AND today + yesterday have been a fairly low seizure days!

I think I’ve had less than a dozen seizures today, I don’t remember the last time I could say that!! **party**

You know what as well? We realised yesterday that Thursday night AND Saturday morning I’d missed CBD oil, but was doing better for seizures. So I haven’t taken it since Thursday evening, it’s Saturday evening now and I’ve done the best for seizures I have in ages…seriously, wtf?!

Anyway, I’m sorry for all the training videos I’ve been posting recently, but training’s such a passion of mine and I love to share what I’ve been up to. Plus I know some peeps like to know how Sasha is doing (some of you donated to help me get her, thank you!!) so the least I can do is post vids of her ‘working’ 🙂

All these videos are from today.

First up, a really short training clip of Sasha working on a new task. Well actually she does a ‘face boop’ first, which has several uses, but this was our first training session learning a task to interrupt my ‘panicky fingers’!!

When I’m in a hugely stressful situation (think medical appt somewhere new, or if my psychosis is really bad) I have a tendency to fiddle with my fingers, but to the extent that I’ve dislocated them before. Hours after, when I’ve calmed down, they hurt so bad!

I hope for the completed task to be:

  • Sasha notices I’m fiddling
  • She noses and flips my hands away from each other
  • Then lays her head on my lap to play with her fur instead.

This will take months and months to fully train, but for a training session lasting a few minutes we made good progress 😀

Next up some heeling from a walk today.

This car park was super busy (as you can see by all the cars!) but there were lots of people about too. Sasha did some awesome heeling, ignored litter, and followed directional cues great!

I think it’s awesome my partner got a video where you can see her moving directions with me 🙂

Heeling walking through town, which was also really busy. In fact there were some kids yelling just across the road from us in this video.

If you watch this video carefully you will see Sasha responding to the cue “head up” as she was going to sniff litter – she immediately lifts her head and makes eye contact 🙂

Finally a video of Charley playing fetch.

Charley is an obsessive dog, and when he came to us he was extremely obsessed with chasing cars (to the point where his life was in danger even when on lead – this is why he doesn’t go for walks anymore!!), and the only way he knew how to play was fetch.

He would bring you a toy (preferably a ball, but when we removed all the balls he’d bring stuffed toys, cardboard, paper etc in desperation!!), drop it on you, then sit and stare. He would stare for about ten seconds, then pick it up and drop it more on you, then stare. Over and over and over!

We wanted to break him of the habit of fetch, as we didn’t want any resource guarding and we wanted him to find other ways to play – he literally knew nothing – so for the first few weeks we played zero fetch. Once he learnt wrestling Sasha was awesome, and that tug was also a fun game, we started introducing fetch with rules.

Rule 1: if he drops the toy to throw, he must lie down.

Before we introduced this rule, he would often try and snatch the toy as you picked it up to throw, and he caught our fingers a few times.

Rule 2:  if he doesn’t drop the toy when we say “thank you”, the game ends.

Rule 3: when we’ve said “all done”, the game is over.

If he continues to harass us, we have a three strike policy. Strike one / two we tell him “all done” and ignore him. After that (or if he’s really obnoxious with it, shoving the toy into your face etc) the toys he brings are removed and swapped for a chew toy, eg. Nylabone.

Finally, look how stupidly cute this dog is…


32 weeks old and still growing like a weed – she has gone through SUCH a growth spurt recently!

Also – TEAM PHOTO!! 😉





4 thoughts on “Training videos coming your way!

      • You’re very welcome, I always love to see your training videos 😀
        Everything is going really well, suspiciously well lol I’m still getting used to the routine but really loving having two dogs as I love seeing them play and interact, and getting to train and play with both as they have their own personalities, play styles etc. It just feels like he’s completed our family, I love him, Bonnie loves him and even my partner who was hugely skeptical of getting a 2nd dog absolutely adores him so feeling very content right now. Probably will be like omg what have I done once he’s going through adolescence but sure it’ll be fine lol

      • Adolescence might not be too bad, it really does depend on the dog…Sasha’s adolescence has brought minor annoyances that, if Kasper behaved like that, would be him on his best behaviour XD Zoey flat-out didn’t have an adolescence period, whereas Kasper’s was absolute torture and at 6 years old he’s still worse than all other dogs hahaha!

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