I have tried SO MUCH to keep Tolly busy…I am failing XD

We have tried walks being carried. I’ll pick up sticks, leaves and litter, for her to sniff, chew or play tug with. I dance under bridges and sing so my voice echoes. None of that is at all interesting anymore.

In the house we have puzzle feeders. If we fill them with wet food, she is vaguely interested.

We do stationary training, but can only do a few reps before she’s bored now.

She has chews, pig trotters and knuckle bones, but at this point they are worse than useless. She has zero interest in the trotter and will chew the bone for a few minutes.

Spud is DONE!!

God. bless. this. dog!


The most boring bone in the world XD

Tolly finally has a vet appt this afternoon!

Originally it was last Saturday, but we cancelled it until Monday as my seizures were off the charts. On Monday, we got a phone call saying no vets were in at the surgery and the appt was moved to Wednesday.

On Wednesday, two hours before the appt, we had a phone call from the vet. My bf answered but nobody spoke. He hung up the phone and tried several times to call them over the next few hours, but the phones were down.

He assumed the system was down, and that somebody had been calling to cancel our appt again, and as I was out of it with seizures he stayed home and decided he’d call them the next day.

A vet called us around 6pm, asking why we’d missed the appt and not acknowledging  that they called us or the phones weren’t working at all. This vet was also unaware that we’d seen a different vet less than a week ago, and was under the impression Toller hadn’t been seen since the day of the x-ray.

So we have an appt this afternoon.

Yesterday was a terrible day for seizures and bipolar mood. Depression has suffocated me this week, and yesterday I got a huge dollop of seizure rage too. I was screaming and yelling at my bf, then bubbling with self-hatred for the things I was saying. Seizure rage feeds so easily into depression.

Sasha was incredible during the episode. She sat or stood at my side, nose nudged alerts (IDK what for, stim alerts maybe?) and did a front block several times too. All with no instruction, she just rocked it and was totally calm and in ‘work mode’!


Once the rage and seizures had passed I was back to my usual very depressed self, so Sasha got on with some DPT.

Charley is doing great with no walks, he’s much happier 🙂




Kasper is Kasper.


“This crate is MINE!” “No Kasper, it’s Charley’s…”



2 thoughts on “Dogs

    • Thank you, that means a lot! The vets are ridiculous haha, turns out they were just hoping for more money…we’ll be waiting a week before an appt to see the good vet at the surgery, as we’ve lost trust in either of the others…

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