Top Collar Dog Treat subscription box review

Top collar reached out to me recently on Instagram (@crazyinky) and offered me a free box.

They had a deal going where you can have a free box if you pay for £1 postage, and after that you are automatically signed up for heir monthly (or twice monthly) boxes until you cancel.

The boxes contain one packet of treats (130g).

The boxes are £5.99 per box per month. I can’t find out how much two boxes per month costs, it might just be another £5.99. Top Collar, if I’m wrong get in touch and I will edit this XD

These treats are made with decent ingredients; gluten free, and meat is the second ingredient.

This month’s ingredients are as follows:

Gluten free flour, beef liver, potato, free range eggs, milk, butter

Not the best, but not abysmal like most shop-bought treats.

Another quirk of the company, if you send in a photo of your dog/s, they will add it to the front of the package! Cute 🙂

The package itself is *very* cute, and there’s even a touch of adorableness on the back:

Huge flaw #1 though…

This is not a treat BOX!

It’s a packet with a smaller packet of treats inside haha! Now I’ve only ever done one pet subscription box before, which was a rabbit box from Barks & Bunnies, and Graze boxes for humans…and both those were actual boxes.

There were a selection of items inside…not just a single packet of treats XD

Again, cute packging though 🙂


Next to Charley-boy

The treats are quite large at 1.5 inches, and are dry, crunchy biscuits.

For foodie dogs, this is fine. All four of my pups would be happy to eat these. But offer these to Kasper / Charley on a walk, or even use them to work with Sasha around distractions, and they’d be snubbed in seconds. They’re not particularly high value, and are too big to be used handily as training treats.

Sasha and Charley trying them:

Kasper trying them:

Review time!

The good…

  • We got them for free XD
  • The ingredients are better than your standard shop-bought treats…looking at you Pedigree!!
  • You can choose to add supplements to your treats (eg. for the dog’s skin)
  • The packaging is cute
  • Dogs will eat them

The bad?

  • This is stupidly expensive. Coming from someone who used to own a business that baked and sold dog treats, these are expensive for what they are, and as a whole this is a pricey pet subscription box service.
  • They’re big treats, and don’t snap too easily
  • They aren’t that appealing. Most dogs will eat them, because most dogs will eat most food haha…but they’re not moist, or pongy, or overly meaty so unless your dog is a weirdo they won’t work well for high value treats.

I feel like I’m slamming the company, and I’m not. Their treats were fine. My dogs ate them.

But I was expecting more. 130g of treats for a ‘box’ doesn’t sit well with me, not when there are companies out there  that put a LOT of effort into their boxes…love you Barks & Bunnies, wish we had more money XD

I think for a treat ‘box’, I’d expect three different types – these hearts would be a great ‘bigger’ less appealing treat, then smaller ones that are ideal for training, and maybe a bigger chew treat.

These ‘boxes’ are £5.99, and you get this:


At the time, the rabbit box was £9.99 and you got this

Quantity makes a difference. Varied products will always get me more excited than one mediocre product.

In conclusion…

If you have money to spare and think this looks good, try it. These are okay treats.

If you want to give them to your dog who loves food, purely as a one-off treat, they’re probably great – s/he will most likely really enjoy them!

But if you were getting this box to experience a variety of treats, don’t do it! Or if you’re getting this box because your dog is picky, and you’re hoping for hugely enticing treats, I’d give it a miss.

These are good, standard treats…but unfortunately that’s it!

In conclusion we rate them –

1.5 paws out of 4!


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