Update for all!

Sorry for not posting an update sooner. I was crappy yesterday and even though we knew an amputation isn’t on the cards for Toller, yesterday I was so stressed and panicky and just…frazzled.

Mentally much stronger today!

Toller is managing crate rest remarkably well.

She spends about 18 hours in her crate, and the rest being held on laps, carried, having chew toys held for her, or emptying puzzle feeders.

This second splint done by the good vet has stayed on fine. Toller is very happy in herself, she’s frustrated that she can’t run and play, but she’s wolfing her food down (or as fast as she can from a puzzle toy!) and gets so excited to give us kisses πŸ™‚

Tomorrow we have to phone the vets, so let’s see how that goes.

We have been getting Sasha used to being left more and more. Today she was left 56 minutes!

She’s totally fine and we could most likely amp up the duration much faster, but there’s no point rushing when she’s doing so well.

Today was a bit of a nightmare as we were supposed to go out into town, but just as we were ready to go I started having a cluster of seizures! Sasha alerted and sat with me, and I had a few and knew I was going to have more, but insisted we go out anyway.

I don’t remember walking into town and was totally out of it. Apparently my partner had to hold onto my jumper and arm to stop me ‘seizure running’ and falling into the road XD

Oh also, the builders were waving a big lorry in at the site nearby, and one of them shouted that we’d be able to pass in just a moment, and that they’d also turned some lights off for me!! So they wouldn’t trigger seizures πŸ™‚

How kind is that?! I hope my partner thanked them a lot because I don’t recall how I responded at all!

In town my partner sat me in a safe corner whilst he ran into a shop to buy wet dog food (there’s an entire wall of windows so he could keep an eye on me), and afterwards we went to the pet shop. I was still out of it, so just melted to the floor in a corner, and the owner (who’s really nice and we know well) offered me a chair and when my partner was trying to get me up to leave said we could stay as long as needed.

After about ten minutes I was coming around a bit, we chatted for another ten minutes, then got up to go home. I was postictal so swaying as I walked, talking gibberish, and generally being a prat. People will definitely have thought I was drunk XD

Charley isn’t getting walks anymore as he gets himself so worked up around cars.

The head halter has stopped his pulling, but if anything it’s made his associations with cars worse, as now he can’t lunge or chase them, the halter keeps him from pulling and he just gets even more frantic and anxious.

It’s got to the point where it’s dangerous to walk him as a lot of the pavements around here are so narrow, and when he’s in that state he bucks and swings his bum around. He also blew off recall repeatedly the other day as he saw cars driving past whilst on the beach – we’d call, he’d come running, then see a car and go tearing off after it.

It was a safe area so no fear of him getting hit, but walks aren’t doing him any good atm.

We’re going to have a few weeks / a month off, and instead will tire him in the house…fetch, stair games, training, scent games Sasha wrestling, yard time, and paddling pool fun now the weather’s heating up.

Photos from the walk!


My favourite four pics πŸ™‚

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And once I’d had a rest and was feeling better today, I took Kasper out for a walk whilst the big pups were tired and Toller was having mental stimulation.

We had a great time and we did loooaaads of training.

For all that he genuinely is the worst dog ever, his excitement and love of training completely redeems his shite-ness in other areas XD

And, because he’s stupidly pretty, here are some nice pics of him:




It’s his Gotcha Day at the end of this month. We will have had him six years!

I don’t know what to get him, especially considering we have no money. Yes, I am aware he doesn’t know it’s his Gotcha and he doesn’t care about presents, but he has ALWAYS had gifts on his Gotcha and I’m not stopping that now.

I’m thinking homemade cake and treats, maybe a really cheap harness…it’s not like he can *really* have toys because he just eats them, and chews are dangerous for him as he inhales them whole…ah Kasper, you big idiot XD


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