The wait is killing me

We were so happy after dropping Toller off.

She was GREAT at the vets and was so happy to see the staff. The vet was amazing with her and it was just going really well…the vet suspected a tiny bone fracture in her foot, a broken toe or bad tissue damage, and said she didn’t even really need to do an x-ray, but we said she might as well to be sure what we were dealing with.

Leaving Tolly was fine as she was just giving the vet kisses and wagging her tail, and we would phone at lunch time to see how it went and go pick her up, wearing a cast or a splint.

Then they phoned us just before 12pm and Tolly has TWO broken bones in her foot!!!!

And her bones are quite far apart at the break so she might need surgery to put a pin in 😥

Our vet has sent the x-rays off to a bone specialist so we’re waiting to hear back from them which “might be a few hours”, and I want nothing more than to go sit with Tolly and just make sure she’s being looked after and not on her own, but the vet said there’s no need. So we’re just waiting.

And I’m so scared and I just want my littlest one in my arms 😥


God bless that little puppy. I just want to be with her. Sitting at home and waiting and fretting and fretting and waiting isn’t doing any of us any good.


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