Please share Toller’s go fund me

Hey all.

Well, Toller’s splint JUST FELL OFF. I kid you not, she was lying in my partner’s arms, still other than her jaws chewing a nylabone, and the splint plopped off into my lap.

I am beyond fuming. One of the treatment options the vets gave us was splinting, and it’s fallen off less than six hours after being put on. Toller hasn’t even touched it, we have paid such close attention to that.

Now we’re in the awful predicament of choosing whether to go to the emergency vet (different surgery, £100 not including treatment, splint etc – our vets charged £40 for the splint!!) or wait until tomorrow and take her back to our vets.

Toller is much happier with it off, and is cuddled in my partner’s arms asleep god bless her.

We are going back to our vets tomorrow morning, hoping they will not charge to re-splint her (we have her old splint to prove she did no damage) and to also bring up amputation with them.

Amputation is incredibly expensive so we have set up a go fund me campaign.

We feel that, with two treatment options that will leave Toller with lameness, pain and risk arthritis, amputation would eradicate that risk and mean Toller could enjoy walks. She’s a young dog, and should adapt very well to life on three legs.

If you could all share Toller’s go fund me everywhere you can, that would be incredibly helpful.


I am absolutely exhausted. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, I don’t know if I’m thinking straight…I’m so mentally frazzled. And I can’t believe we will have to take my baby back to the vets again tomorrow. I only hope the good vet is working…


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