Toller has smashed all the connecting bones in the front of her foot.

There are two options: she has surgery to fit wires which might help the foot recover. This could leave her with less of a chance of arthritis and able to go on short strolls with being carried (walking on lead for a minute, carry, another brief pootle, carry etc).

The other option is use a special type of splint to help it repair itself. Again the vet can’t say the prognosis, but thinks this would leave her with more lameness and more possibility of arthritis.

Toller will not be able to go on walks anymore, ever. She must not interact with any dogs bigger than her FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE, and obviously can’t interact with tiny dogs for the foreseeable months. She will be disabled for life.

I am beyond devastated, I can’t put into words how sad I am and I’m so fucking upset that the vet said it was a minor thing and wasn’t even going to do the x-ray and then she did and first it was two bones broken, then four and now it’s her whole foot I feel so sorry for Toller I’m just devastated.

We have to decide op or no op and I don’t know what to do.

The operation would cost Β£1400 but if they told me it would help I’d find a way but they’re not saying that, they’re just saying they can’t predict for either and I dont know what to do. If they’re not giving a definite for either what are we supposed to do??

We finally get to pick her up in 30 minutes, wearing her special splint. I ujust want to have her in my arms πŸ˜₯

We are most definitely rehoming Sasha or Charley.. Toller’s recovery and disability will totally change our lives and we can’t handle keeping three big dogs separate from her permanantly.

Sasha will be getting a lot less attention, her training PA stuff will obviously have to stop completely, and she is the dog that will cope least with being separated. I also think she has a better chance of fitting in with another family as she has so few issues and is such a calm dog. But I also can’t bear the thought of losing her.

She’s also easily managed alongside recovering Toller, whereas Charley wouldn’t be at all. He will be leaping all over us whereas Sasha will understand to be gentle. And Sasha is just easier to manage in general and, as a pet especially, has less issues so is easier to manage alongside.

IDK what to do…

Please no hatred for this. I am just…it’s a lot to take in and I’m just trying to do the best for my dogs.

I’m so fucking upset.


She is home guys. I’m so relieved.



9 thoughts on “Devastating

    • Thank you, very much appreciated. Our plan atm is going to be keeping the splints on, and trying to get a vet to listen to us and consider possible amputation if the splinting doesn’t help enough. Amputation would mean she could be mobile, pain free etc, and it makes much more sense than subjecting her to invasive surgery that might not work and still leave her with a leg that causes pain…

  1. Poor Tolly, bless her. What a horrible decision to have to make. I wonder if there is a third option, no less unpleasant but what about amputation? I mean it’s still a horrible thing for Tolly to have to deal with but at least there wouldn’t be a damaged limb there and dogs often do so well with 3 legs. Of course I have no idea on the logistics of it or the cost etc but wonder if it might be something to discuss with the vet? Such a good thing you insisted on the xray, if the poor little girl had been just wandering about with a minimal splint on for days/weeks… 😦

    • This is the conclusion we have come to too. We’re going to call and discuss it with the vet tomorrow. I don’t think they will agree, but to us it seems the kindest option. We might see how the splint does first, and reasses amputation then, but we’re also not sure if we should be getting a second opinion altogether…very confusing and stressful, but Toller is coping marvelously, if very miserable at never being allowed to move πŸ™‚

      • Bless her, poor girl. I’ll keep an eye out for updates, could be worth trying the splint first. Always amazes me how they cope, if that was a human they’d be laid up in bed whining about how their life is over and woe is me etc!

  2. it just gets worse and worse. maybe amputation is the only option for Tolly to be able to lead anything like a normal life… It’s so hard with these animals that we love…

    • Thank you Maureen. We’ll be bringing up amputation with our vet today, and asking to be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon…such a whirlwind, I hope I’m doing the right thing, it’s so scary. I’ve been talking to some wonderful people who own ‘tripod’ dogs, and some have had similar experiences, where they tried to repair the leg first only for their pup to need repeat surgeries and finally need the leg amputated anyway. We have an appt in a few hours to get another splint on Tolly too, god bless her…

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