Tolly’s hurt her leg!

Oh guys what a day 😦

On a walk with the little ones, Tolly is off lead strutting her stuff and being as awesome as ever, and an off lead Lab comes tearing across the field (40+ft away), zeroes in on her, and just collides.

Toller gets mashed up and just starts shrieking. I’m about 20ft away so I start SPRINTING towards her and when I reach her I just throw myself over her and start telling her she’s okay, because Charley, Sasha and this Lab are bouncing about.

Toller calms down and we carry her home, she’s such a little trooper. It becomes obvious after about 20 minutes it her inner front left leg that’s injured, and there’s a huge swelling around her dew claw.

She’s not putting any weight on it at all but she’s calmed herself down and is enjoying face kisses and cuddles. My partner phones our vet, the new surgery we’ve been using since Tolly came along, and they book us an appt for a few hours time but when we ask about an x-ray one won’t end up happening until tomorrow morning.

We give Tolly a dose of Metacam and she’s doing better and better in herself; chewing Nylabones, wanting to wriggle about, cuddling 🙂

We phone the surgery back about an hour before the appt and ask to speak to the vet, and end up pushing the appt until tomorrow so Toller can get the exam and x-ray at the same time.

For the rest of the day we’ve just been cuddling Spud, we had a nap together, and she’s been really sweet god love her. She’s a tough little dog that one!

I’m so relieved it’s not her entire leg that’s broken, that she’s not in too much pain, and that my partner met up with his grandmother recently and we got belated Christmas money from her…we should just about be able to afford this now. Sheesh.

I’ve never been so scared. It was so much worse because it was my littlest one. Please send your love to my Tolly-too!

Good photo of the swelling about an hour after it happened, on her inner left leg:





10 thoughts on “Tolly’s hurt her leg!

    • Thank you. Just had a call back from the vet and was hoping for better news as they made it sound like there might not even be a break (there are two!!), so we’re just waiting to hear from a specialist now…really just want to be able to see her 😦

    • The vet made it sound like there might not even be a break and Tolls would just need a splint / cast, but we were phoned about half an hour ago and there were two breaks, and she might need further surgery…waiting until our vet has spoken with a specialist, really just want to see her now but the vet has said there’s no point going in yet…UGH…

  1. Awe! I sure hope the Toll-ster is doing better. Hopefully, just a sprang… A bit of love from Mum, rest and a few treats and she’ll be fine!
    BTW, the CBD post I wrote is posting tomorrow (Wed). Hopefully, there’s some info in there that will help. 😊

    • Thank you. Turns out she’s broken two bones bless her so we’re waiting for our vet to speak to a specialist…I’m freaking big time and just want to get to the surgery and see her *sigh* Look forward to your post 🙂

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