A work of love

Today my partner spent over five hours making a new cage for two of our pets.

I’d been wracking my brains for a way to upgrade these guys, and in the end he came up with this idea. Usually pet stuff is more my thing, but I have been completely out of spoons all day. Yesterday really took it out of me, it seems, and today I’ve just been exhausted and achy.

The pets we wanted to move were Eleonor the lonely quail, and Chubb the budgie.

Quails can live with budgies and appreciate the seeds that are dropped, and I wanted to see if Chubb would provide any companionship for Ellie at all. The quail eggs should hatch within the next few days (IF they’re going to, and I doubt they will); if they don’t hatch I’m not sure where we will get Ellie friends from.

Previously Ellie was in an 80cm RUB

And Chubb was in a Furet ferret cage (80cm x 40cm x 80cm)

Their new home is our chinchilla cage, with a mid section removed. Altogether the height is 140cm, but as quails ‘boink’ (ie. fly straight upwards) when startled, they can easily break their neck if the cage is between about 18 inches and 6ft tall.

The cage is now about 110cm tall, 80cm wide, and 50cm deep. Β The set up means there’s no boinking possible πŸ˜€

The height goes right to the top of the blanket, we just didn’t have enough wire mesh so had to use a blanket to cover the very top…damn big bar spacing!!

My partner spent over 5 hours assembling the cage, positioning it as our shelving unit kept falling apart, and attaching mesh. Literally the only thing I did was add the furnishings πŸ™‚

As he was busy doing that I cooked us breakfast butties for tea. It wasn’t that helpful though considering every 10 seconds he had to yell through “Are you okay in there?” and make sure I wasn’t having a seizure hahaha!

Progress to the completed product!





We also adjusted the ‘love shack’ to the ‘snooze shack’, because it was just too sad now Ellie is a lonely quail!!



Can’t wait to see what they make of it tomorrow in the day!

My one concern is that Charley and Sasha will be knobs around the cage, as we had to put it at floor level. Sasha’s fine with the quail and the budgie, but she obsesses in an incredibly annoying way if she wants to – she doesn’t even care that much, she’s just annoying and works herself up to caring. And Charley is incredibly interested in anything that moves, and obsesses over everything anyway…so we’ll have to see how much attention they pay.


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