Sasha blows me away & I have a day out

Mentally I’ve been doing the best I ever have recently. I had a blip after the GP appt, but we’ve clawed our way back up from that and I’m honestly the best I’ve been in a good 6-7 years πŸ˜€

And this new CBD oil sample is doing fairly good too. It’s taken a few of my triggers back down, it’s not given me headaches, it gotten rid of seizure rage and my “seizure claws” / jibberish talking has only happened a few times instead of multiple times daily.

I’m not sure it’s reducing how many seizures I have or how I bounce back from them, however we’re keeping the dose low as we need the sample to last as long as possible until we have money!!

Because things are going well, my parents visited today and we had a day out.

Holy shit.Β I. HAD. A .DAY. OUT!!!!!

When they first got here we went for a walk with Charley and Sasha. My dad liked Charley. At first he was like “woah he’s really broken around cars!!” but then we got away from them and Charley went off lead, and he was really impressed with what a sweet boy he is πŸ™‚

Once we got back my parents waited outside and I went and got Spud.

They loved Tolly haha. I knew they would. Everybody loves Tolly. She’s too damn cute and perfect not to love. Even my mum, who’s not really a doggy person and is allergic to dogs, was baby talking her and saying hello to her XD

Once Spud was home we said bye to everyone but Cloud, and headed out with Sasha for a day of semi-work.

The first place we drove to, a cafe with really nice outdoor seating, said they’d stopped serving food. Thy were supposed to serve until 4pm, so I guess they ran out. Back to the car and driving a little further.

Travelling on sunny daysΒ screws me up, because the sunlight shining through trees is essentially nature’s own strobe light. Sasha rocked the car journey and gave me a heads up to some seizures.

At the next place we got out the car and walked through a tiny seaside town past lots of shops. Sasha’s auto-heel was on point and it was frickin’ awesome to be walking along and just not having to focus on her because she was doing it all right. It felt SO GOOD and was just what I needed to see how far we’ve actually come πŸ™‚


There were a fair few people, I was suuuper proud πŸ™‚


Once we’d walked past everything we pointed my parents in the direction of the chippy, then me, my partner and Sash headed to the beach. Time to go off lead!



After a run about we sat down to eat and Sasha had her Kong to keep her busy.


The view while we ate:

We walked along the beach a tiny bit, but it was starting to rain so we hurried back to the car.

My dad had bought one of his drones, so he got it out and flew it (I thought Sasha was gonna freak and had loads of chicken ready, but she was awesome), and the controls glitched…the drone just literally climbed higher and higher, then started zooming out to sea away from us, until it legit just disappeared XD

It was absolutely hysterical hahaha!

By then it was moderately raining so we piled back into the car, got dropped off at home, and Sasha passed out for the next few hours.

I am really impressed with how she did. We both had fun. She didn’t freak over people, she heeled beautifully as they passed, she alerted to three seizures, I wasn’t even focusing on her for minutes at a time, and her recall was awesome as ever πŸ™‚

If I had to be super niggly and pick things she did wrong (because I want this to be a true record) I guess it’d be she tried to pull towards a few dogs that were walking by / towards us.

I could have stopped her if I had firmly told her to heel, or told her to stop what she was doing, but that’s the worst I could fault her for πŸ™‚

For 98% of the time her heeling was absolute awesome; tight, perfect position, and ignoring smells and litter. She would pull away to sniff some things (damn you leaf!) or at some of the other dogs, but she adjusted herself without me saying a thing.



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