I have the best dogs

I cannot describe how in love I am with my dogs.

Kasper drives me up the wall. He is, legit, the worst dog ever. He resource guards, he doesn’t like the others (with the exception of Toller, and only then in short bursts!), he counter surfs every chance he gets, he will not lie down and rest until he is on the brink of exhaustion… he really is an awful dog haha. But I love him.

Charley’s recall isn’t so good, he doesn’t stay close on walks, he pulls like a steam train on lead and is obsessed with cars. But I think he’s hilarious and he’s an awesome dog.

Sasha is calm and quiet, and when she does rile up she ends up either slapping me in the face with her bear paws or nipping my bum!! She doesn’t live for training like me, and she’d rather sleep than go hiking…but she’s a cuddly lump, she makes me happy, and she looks after me.

Toller would still have accidents in the house if you didn’t watch her like a hawk and toilet her frequently, and she whines and howls randomly in her crate…but she is perfection itself 🙂

I love my dogs

They each offer different things, and although every one of them has bloody annoying quirks or behavioural issues, they are great.

Kasper challenges me, he keeps me on my toes. Sasha alerts to my seizures, loves cuddles and offers calmness when I need to chill. Charley is earger to please and playful and a fun-loving goof. And Toller is Toller, she’s amazing!

Not having to worry about training with Sasha means I have more time and energy to train with the other pups, who all actually enjoy training. For the other three, training easily ranks in their top five things.

I’m finding more joy in Sasha because the pressure is off, and I’m not trying to squash her into a mold she does’t fit in. She can be who she is, and if she wants to sleep whilst I train someone else, fine! I’ve had so much fun with all the pups today 🙂

The day started with my usual game of refill half a dozen puzzle feeders for the freezer, and gather all the toys from around the house…and yes, our current ‘toy bin’ in the living room is a giant pan bwahaha. We stole the storage box for part of the gerbils cage and I had to think on my feet!!


Next it was time for the little ones to go out into the garden and go to the loo, then have some crazy play.

Kasper goes into his ‘mini pen’ when the little ones need to go out back, we basically halve the kitchen so he has his crate and a small area, and he can greet and sniff all the dogs through the barrier but not grump at them…I honestly don’t know why Toller is so madly in love with him XD

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Once everybody had been to the loo, we had a bit of a photoshoot!!

Sasha…where are your eyes?!?!? XD


Omg Sasha’s face though XD


Love this ❤

Next Kasper went for his walk whilst the younger pups played, then my partner stayed home and I actually took Tolly out on my own 😀

I don’t walk the dogs on my own much, because it’s not ideal with seizures haha! But I was having a good morning, the sky wasn’t white, and Toller’s a dream, so I wanted to give it a bash. We were only out for 20 minutes, but we had a blast!!

I had one very mild seizure on the walk back, but it was fine.


How Toller, how are you so damn cute?!


Back home mad play resumed, and then our friend arrived!

Crate time for Kasper and Toller, and we headed out on a hike with the big pups.

My brain had had a bit much by this point and so I had some seizures on this walk. Not bad ones, but at one point my partner had crossed a muddy puddle and I was having a seizure on the other side. I had carried on walking, but in the wrong direction, so my partner asked our friend to go grab me so I wouldn’t trip up.

Our friend jogged after me and got hold of my jumper literally centimeters from this 4ft ditch!!!! I came to on the edge of this hole with him clinging onto me  laughing hahaha XD


After the walk we had two tired pups, so they both slept whilst Kasper had another walk. Everyone then either slept or emptied puzzle feeders.

Finally it was time for everybody to wake up, have another play session, and Toller got to bother her beloved grumpy brother. Now I have a very tired Poodle curled up on my lap, Charley is upstairs napping with my partner, Toller is sleeping in her crate, and Kasper is sprawled on a bed in the kitchen!

(Charley had bad diarrhea last night and bless my partner he was up and down all night toileting him!)

My dogs are extremely important to me. Not only do I enjoy them, but they give me purpose and keep me busy. If I didn’t have dogs that needed walks, or training, or were begging me to play…I’d be lost.

They’re crucial to my managing my illnesses and continuing to make progress, and I am very grateful for that 🙂


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