What a day!

In a good way 😉

Firstly, the company I will be buying my CBD oil from sent a free sample, which arrived today…only it wasn’t just one free sample, it was two!

The CBD we will most likely buy from them is 25% (I got it wrong previously and my current CBD is not 4% but is 3%!), and they sent a 30% sample too! This was really kind of them, as they sent so much via sample it was probably about £30+ right there!

I’m starting with the 25% CBD, and then if that works we will order more as I use the sample bottle of 30% haha!

Secondly, the three pups have had so much play time today!! It’s been really sweet, and Tolly has been just adorable…I love that little sprat so much, she is just such a perfect balance of so many things ^__^


Omg her ears though XD

Oh god we shaved Sasha too as she’s at the point now where she can handle strimmers…well, our strimmers were broke and with a clip on it didn’t shave, so we may have baldified her XD

It’s fine everyone it grows back quick!!! She looks terrifying though hahaha 😛


I’m glad I’d been told that young Spoos are naturally very slender, otherwise I’d be freaking about her weight right now!! I’ve always hated how skinny she is, I remember way back at a vet visit when she was 4 months old, moaning to the vet about how skinny she was and how much I could feel her ribs and hip bones, and the vet being like “nope, she’s fine” XD

I like my dogs lean, but not THAT lean!!!

Trio training with the little uns


Video of adorable puppy play, with Tolly being literally the cutest thing ever and occasionally running to play with the big dogs!

Next, we had our friend come round, which is always fun 🙂

Whilst they were doing boring stuffs and the pups were sleeping, me and Kasper went upstairs to go wild in the bedroom…in half an hour he destroyed two stuffed toys, emptied three puzzle feeders, had to relinquish an antler because he was biting chunks off and trying to swallow them, and had several mad games of tug!!

This dog, guys…6.5 years old and most people still wouldn’t be able to cope with his boundless energy 😛


Photo of the day too – I was trying to pose in my favourite-est hat, and caught Sasha alerting to a seizure! I kept shooing her away until she made it really fricking obvious, and then I felt awful XD


And it ended with…baby mice!

Long story about the scariest dog walk ever from yesterday…

Idk if anybody remembers, but a several months ago there was an incredibly drunk guy with an aggressive Labrador who was being very creepy with me and left me feeling extremely uncomfortable.

We see this guy walking his dog quite a bit and, drunk or not, he ALWAYS asks if his dog can say hello to ours – considering his dog has a bite history now (it has attacked several dogs in the village), we say no. If he’s drunk we literally have to run in the opposite direction, because he just tries to bring his dog over -__-

Anyway, the other night he was wasted.

We saw him across the road but were ducking towards the forest so thought we’d be okay. He starts calling to us, slurring so much we could barely make out what he’s saying – guess what, he wanted our dogs to meet his! His dog that is already barking and snarling at ours across the road!!

My partner calls “No, your dog is not saying hello to ours, it is aggressive”, and we keep walking towards the forest. We trot away, as the guy is crossing towards us and yelling incoherently.

We get to the forest and let our dogs off, but after about ten minutes decide it’s waaay too muddy to carry on (neither of us were in wellies) so turn back to the way we came. We round a corner and about 20ft ahead is the drunk guy and the Lab.

I auto yell each of the dogs, and we turn and head back into the forest. We then hear the guy let his dog off lead and shout “Where’d they go? Where’d they go?” to it!!!

I’m panicking big time now because he has literally no control over his dog and it will attack ours. We scramble up a really steep hill and rush onwards, and I can actually see this guy pointing a torch at us and following where we go!!

We’re stumbling as fast as we can along the edge of a hill in the pitch black, tripping over tree roots, brambles, and Sasha, who is aware I’m scared and trying to stay close and help XD

We’re putting distance between the guy, but I can still see his torchlight panning about looking for us. All I want is to keep my dogs away from the Lab and keep them safe. It’s not like my partner can go confront the guy because if that Lab catches our dogs they will get hurt, and I’ll need him there too!

Thankfully we know the forest very well, and we head to a field where we can sneak across the grass and hide amongst some rocks. We sit down, I put Sasha on lead but have to wait for Charley to check in as calling him would alert the guy. Charley is staying within sight, and finally he comes over and we get him on lead too.

We spend a tense 20 minutes sitting in silence, surrounded by darkness, and are just listening and waiting for a Lab to charge at us or the guy to shine a torch in our faces.

After 20 minutes of silence we head home, and we are fine 😀

I was seriously so scared though, of the dog and the guy!! It was like playing a horror game!


5 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. All of your furry friends are adorable! I haven’t seen the mice in awhile. They’re so cute.
    OMG what a terrifying walk! That’s just crazy. I’ve been lucky to not live near any folks like this. I’d carry pepper spray or something bigger 🔫….
    So, I’m confused on how your CBD strength is measured. You mention percentages. Mine comes (is sold) in milligrams. I’ve been taking a dose twice a day via a flavored tincture. (Most comes in 100, 300, 400, 800, 1000 MG doses. A dose is 1 dropper (usually). Okokok… I Googled. .. I can figure this out, but math is involved. 😨 I’ll have to come back. If you buy from a website, can you send link? 😃

    • I was SO SCARED!! Like, trembling and gasping for breath whilst trying to be as quiet as possible hahaha! I don’t think pepper spray is legal here, which sucks. I originally wanted it for out of control off lead dogs, but if I recall correctly you can’t buy it in the UK -__-

      Ohhhh. Most the dosage info I’ve ever read for CBD was in mg, so that makes sense now…I’ve always been like “well why is it in mg when it’s measured in % and drops?!” XD

      So this is the one we were looking at buying, but they didn’t send a sample of this. Under the description it says something about mg actually…


      And this one’s pricier but is the 30% sample they sent, so if it works well we’d probably stretch to it


  2. I found the below equation… I’m still confused 😵 I by 1ml 400mg bottles and use 2 droppers a day.
    Does that mean I’m taking 40%? I hate having a tolerance.
    It really has helped lower my anxiety by a lot! I still am skiddish in my mind, but I don’t feel it physically.
    I did look at your links pricing and it’s on par with us. Maybe a bit more.

    In this tutorial, we will be teaching you how to calculate the amount of CBD within 1 gram (weight) or 1 ml (volume) of CBD oil.

    Each gram is made up of 1,000 milligrams. In this case, we will say that you are looking at a 20% CBD Oil.

    This means that out of 1000 mg’s, 20%, or 0.2, of that is going to be CBD.

    Multiply 1000 by 0.2, and you will get 200 mg’s of CBD per gram of 20% CBD oil.

    The formula for this is 1000 * .[CBD%] = Your total CBD per gram.

    • This is an extremely cheap site I found 🙂 They’re really lovely too! But the 3% stuff I had, a 10ml bottle of that was £19! And most places sell anything over 20% at around £60-100 for a 10ml bottle.

      Oh my bob, maths is terrible at the best of times never mind with a mushy brain haha! How have you found 40%? I’m glad it’s helping. How long until you noticed improvements? Day 2 of 25% for me and I had an awful day for seizures, grrr!

      • I am about to write a post about this whole craziness of dosing! I have searched high & low for answers about this to no avail! We can’t be the first to question this. =-O
        The euro and $ are pretty even now, so it’s easy to compare pricing. I am so off on the 40%, let me redeem myself in my post.
        With regards on how fast it worked, that I can answer. I started with low doses and worked myself up in 2 weeks. I can almost say it was pretty immediate, but maybe was a bit of a placebo effect. I still feel like I have anxiety, but only in my head, not my body. The physical part of it is gone. Its been about 4 weeks now and I really feel good!!
        I’d guess that it would take a higher dose to achieve the effectiveness for your seizures, however everyone is different. I tend to need higher doses of stuff, as my bod puts up some resistance.
        I will give you a shout when I post.

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