Let’s finish this hike ;)

Wow am I glad we went out yesterday whilst the weather was nice, it’s TIPPING it down today!!

Sasha and Charley haven’t been walked, Kasper came home looking like a drowned rat, and my partner just called to say him and Tolly have been caught out in even heavier rain and will be home asap.

Oh and now it’s lightning!!

Anyway, flashback to yesterday, and much nicer weather 😉

I love this photo, it’s one of my all-time favourites and I’m not even sure why!

Sasha offering off lead heeling 🙂

Siblings 🙂

We explored the river banks…I almost died by slipping on mud and then my other foot falling through the reeds and down a crevice XD

Paw prints! Mostly Charley’s 🙂

He hates horses, if we have to walk past them within about 12ft he watches them suspiciously and lifts his lip haha! With the safety of a river between them he was curious and happy to watch them though 🙂

We train hard, we play hard ^__^


And I saved the best (my favourite photo) for last 😀


Aw, I sent some of the hiking photos to Charley’s old owner (I send updates every couple days, with photos, but that time I sent 12+ photos XD ) and he was so thankful. It makes me so happy we are able to spoil Charley, because his old owner loves him dearly and so wants the best life for him 🙂


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