Hiking in the sun!

Today had a crappy start – my partner was trying to sort out money stuff and it lead to a cluster of seizures.

It took a while but it wasn’t as bad as the last few days, I  returned to feeling fairly normal within a few hours 🙂

We went on a lovely hike today! I took my camera which meant I got to enjoy some photography, yaaay! I took way too many photos, so will most likely split this hike into two blog posts…it wasn’t even a long walk haha, I just went a bit camera-crazy!!

Walking to the beach, Sasha saw a feather on the floor and decided it was THE SCARIEST THING EVER. A single feather bwahaha!

Obviously I dropped her lead and we did some training around it 😉

She helps me out, I help her out 🙂








Working those ski goggles XD


Oh but the amount of photos I take of my dogs is ridiculous XD


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