Day 2 of Charley!

Had an amazing walk with Sasha and Charley this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

We went on a massive hike to the beach, which could well have been Charley’s first beach walk! The pups both had fun off lead together, they make me so happy…I just love watching them because their personalities are SO different!

This guy is a huge puller, which we are very much not used to anymore ๐Ÿ˜›

I’m feeling discouraged training him to walk nicely, because he’s obviously always been allowed to pull on walks, and outdoors he does not want to respond when you talk to him, has no interest in treats, always wants to be at the end of the lead forging ahead…weird as he’s been so responsive off lead!!

Whilst we work on training, I’m not sure how to minimise the annoyance of such pulling.

I have a spring shock absorber that I’ll be putting between the lead and dog, but realistically that won’t do much! I’ve bought an Ezy Walk Deluxe harness in which will arrive tomorrow, so we’ll see if that does any good…after the Ruffwear Front Clip harness I don’t trust front clips, as all the Ruffwear does is twist ridiculously XD

So we’ll work on attention indoors and off lead, work on loose lead walking indoors, but as I think this will be an extremely long process I’d love something to reduce the stress of pulling in the meantime!

Look at the difference though ๐Ÿ˜›

He was great last night, slept in the hallway with less than a minute’s whining and the only time he whined again was if Sasha disturbed him!

He met Tolly last night and did not know what to make of her at all hahaha! She was absolutely wonderful though, way more polite than I expected. He was freaked out by her size, but was very gentle and moved away or lifted his lip. I was able to get Toller to back off when called away, they sat next to each other for treats etc. Sorry no pics or video, but I had my hands full with those two and my partner was restraining Sasha XD

Charley is EXTREMELY VOCAL. I *despise* vocal dogs hahaha!!! I’m fine with noises during play (as long as it’s not repeated barking Kasper ;__;) but whingey moany noises really get under my skin, and Charley offers these almost constantly.

My partner leaving the room = constant moaning unless he’s sleeping. Needing the toilet (even when he’s refusing to go outside) = constant whining. And fighting tiredness in the crate but really not being that bothered = moan moan moan XD

He is doing great with his crate though which is brill! He takes toys and chews in there, settles in there, and has actually been shut in this past hour with only infrequent quiet whining and a few naps ๐Ÿ™‚

House training is going to be a long W.I.P…we take him out every five minutes when we know he needs the loo, and twice last night he toiletedย immediately after coming back inside!!

We’ll get there though ๐Ÿ™‚

Walk pics!



4 thoughts on “Day 2 of Charley!

  1. Sasha and Charley are such a great pair! Have you considered a gentle leader? It goes around their snout. I’ve heard that some dogs don’t really like it a lot but once they get used to it it definitely reduces the pulling when they walk. Phineas is a puller as well and we now have the ruffwear harness like you have but yes when you use the front clip it always pulls a little bit to the side especially if the harness is a little loose. I found this to be the case with all of the harnesses we’ve had that have the front clip but I think ruffwear is the best so far. I really need to be more consistent with training Phineas on the leash. Is amazing how well he walks when he knows I have treats, especially the good ones like Zukes. Good luck with all of your critters! I’m trying to catch up on all of your post so I’m up to date. ๐Ÿ˜

    • I did think about a gentle leader but it’d take so long to counter condition, and I’m worried he’d still pull even as it was turning his head, and possibly hurt himself. He’s insane with his pulling, not in terms of his strength but in that IT. NEVER. STOPS!!

      The Ruffwear and bungee lead have been doing best to be fair. My bf had him on lead on the way to a walk today and didn’t use the bungee lead (he hates it for some reason), I had Charley on the way back and was like “woah, his pulling is so much worse with a normal lead!!”

      I wish Charley would walk well for treats – if I even talk to him on lead he shuts down and pulls even harder :/

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