When the shit keeps on coming

What crap days man.

Yesterday I found out my Grandad had had a stroke. Obviously, very much NOT good…

If it wasn’t for my partner and dogs I know I wouldn’t be functioning at all right now. As it is they’ve managed to put multiple smiles on my face every single day, no matter how low my mood is or how many seizures I have. It’s day 3 of the CBD oil, I’m already on double the starting dose just crossing every body part that it works!

We had a fun training walk with Sasha tonight. Started with some off lead time in the nearby field, and I put her in a sit stay as I ran backwards away from her – guess who didn’t even think about moving? 🙂

We walked through town using a hands free lead and her heeling was awesome, then trained in the supermarket car park as my partner ran in for a few things. It was a Friday evening so HEAVING – kids running, drunks yelling, trolleys, cars, a motorbike going round us in circles…Sasha was extremely distracted but not too fearful, and I had fun running drills with her.

Once my partner had rejoined us we were walking towards the exit and I was working on stops, sits and directional cues, and a couple called outta their car how well she was doing and how well trained she was!!

I was like “Whut? Really?!” but it was so nice and made me real happy haha! Whoever you are, thank you for that XD

Toller has been hilarious today. That dog is whip-smart, and has been especially loving with her mummy today also. Stupid little fluff ball ❤

She’s growing into such a damn cute dog though!! The girls had fun playing this evening and going crazy…we had to separate them eventually because they don’t know when to quit, and they were both panting like mad!

At meal time I worked on Sasha with not only long distance stays but stays with distractions too. One was a sit stay as I ran around the room, and the other was a down stay as I gave Kasper his food. She’s doing great 🙂

We’re also talking dog stuff, but I don’t wanna go into that yet as yes we are crazy and just trying to work everything out…we’re both really up for it, just need to make sure it’s the right thing to do blah blah blah…I have a ‘life is short, live in the now’ mentality atm (which is hugely appreciated as normally I am so busy crying over what might be in the future that I’m too upset to enjoy the now!).

We looked at adopting, and I even contacted a rescue hours away about a young dog in a wheelchair. They don’t want to place him in a home with other dogs, especially big dogs, which I *completely* understand…so after talking about stuff my partner asked why don’t I get my dream dog, which has always been a Border Collie. So we are looking into it, alongside checking out rescue dogs.

I feel so scared because this is something I’ve wanted so long, and it would most likely be a puppy which means three puppies…but we’ll see. I know we can handle it and the drive and intelligence of a Collie seriously excites me…Sasha is absolutely gorgeous but she’s way chilled, and I’m a ‘off the walls dog’ kinda person too…but I feel guilty because it’s so soon after, y’know…

And before I get ‘adopt don’t shop’ comments, you’re entitled to your own opinion but I’m not an either or person. If I want to adopt a dog I will (and I have, two of my three are rescues), but if I want to go the breeder route I’ll be doing that too 😉


2 thoughts on “When the shit keeps on coming

  1. I’m glad Sasha is doing so well. I’m sure you needed the lift after hearing bad news about your Grandad. I hope he’ll be okay soon. Whether you adopt or shop I’m sure the new puppy will be well loved!

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I think it would be good for Sasha to have someone more her size to play with, she’s amazing with Toll but it’d be nice to take her off lead with another dog that could keep up with her and they could go racing off together! Kasper just does not play like that outdoors, and him and Sasha don’t really play indoors either it’s more Tolly he plays with. Still not sure whether to adopt an older dog (and not a BC as I’d want a Collie from a pup), or find a BC puppy haha…just concerned a Collie pup might have a bit *too* much intensity when older. Just putting in the research haha, I’ve even contacted a few rescues further afield asking if we could foster for them…I’ve always wanted to foster dogs in rescue 🙂

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