The girls have an announcement…

…they are getting a second big brother!

Kasper would announce this too, only he’s eating and let’s be honest he’s not excited anyway bwahaha πŸ™‚


We think we found our dog!

We were actually talking to a Border Collie breeder, and were going to visit the last available boy in the litter and maybe reserve him (the litter was 3 weeks old) when we saw a dog up for adoption and something just clicked.

Charley is a 6 month old crossbreed and is about 1 week older than Sasha. He is described as lively, fun-loving, loves his cuddles and just sounds like a really great dog that will fit in well. He sounds like he will be the perfect hiking buddy and, with him to excite her, I’m hoping Sasha will start going crazy and playing on walks too!

Charley’s breed mix seems to be Border Collie, Labrador and some sort of bull breed. I’m hoping for some of that Collie energy and some Labrador food motivation to make training super fun!

You probably want to see a photo of the little dude, right? πŸ˜‰


What a doll! ❀ If all goes to plan, this little lummox will be coming home TOMORROW!!!

We’ve been talking with his carers all day and have just been waiting for our friend to get in touch so we can figure out when he could drive my partner over (as Charley is several hours away from us), and he has no problem doing it tomorrow πŸ˜€

Our friend is so majorly excited too haha. He has fallen in love with Charley and his favourite thing is how muchΒ he looks like different breeds in different photos hehe.

Oh me and my partner are so excited!!!


6 thoughts on “The girls have an announcement…

    • Thank you, me too! He has the cutest puppy dog eyes haha πŸ˜€ They’ve set off to collect him now and Sasha is here looking after me…it’s gonna be a long 4+ hours of waiting XD

    • Thanks, he should be arriving in about 30 minutes…I’ve exhausted Toller with my nervous energy and Sasha is just watching me with this happy-dopey look like “god mum what’s got into you?” XD

      I was going to message you yesterday and send his pics and stuff haha, but didn’t want to bother you on the weekend, and figured you’d see him on here sooner or later hahahaha!

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