Yesterday had an absolutely awful start, but after the first few hours it picked up and was actually a good day šŸ™‚

We got some fun things arrive in the post, including glow in the dark stars, new patches for Sasha’s harness, new CBD oil and a Fidget Cube!!


The company we bought our last CBD oil from, although sold as CBD oil, is actually hemp oil. So no wonder I had a record breaking day of seizures whilst taking it! My bf searched about and bought in some actual CBD oil with great reviews, so now instead of taking 1-2 tablespoons of disgusting HEMP oil a day, I’m taking 2 drops of disgusting CBD oil hahaha!

I’m feeling very positive though and really excited to see if it will help either my seizures or my schizoaffective disorder…CBD oil has helped people who have tried anti-epileptic drugs for years with no results, so it would be wonderful if it could reduce my symptoms šŸ˜€

And a fidget cube, for anyone that hasn’t heard of them, is THE BEST THING EVER!!!

It’s a small solid cube with different things to fiddle with on it; switches to flip, balls to roll etc. Perfect for fiddley people, brilliant for people who suffer from anxiety or psychosis, and great as a stimming toy too!

I will most likely review this product at some point, but until then here is a video:

And yes, glow in the dark stars because apparently I’m not a real adult yet!!

I spent half an hour sticking these up yesterday…it was so much fun XD

Sasha’s gear set up is now complete. Here’s a photo including her working dog patch. I LOVE it šŸ™‚

And we also got a package from family crammed full with Chinese food…yay Chinese New Year šŸ˜€


And finally, I walked Tolly on my own for the first time ever!

We got to crack down on a lot of training that my partner’s been slacking on. Tolly’s developed worry around cars going past when she’s on the ground, because he just carried her to walks so she didn’t get to experience it. Yes, I was EXTREMELY annoyed, and I knew he’d been slacking in quite a few other ways too.

But it presented as a fun training plan for me. We both worked hard, enjoyed the walk aaaand….look who almost, really really almost, fits into the Webmaster!


We were out for about half an hour and worked around cars, off lead on recall, checking in and sit, and reinforced good stuffs that she offered too šŸ™‚



And then in the evening our friend came around.

It was actually really good to see him, and we talked about Raiden quite a bit because outside of us he was the only other person that saw Raiden often, and it was him who picked Raiden up at 8 weeks old and visited him at 6 weeks with us too.

Sasha did some great training whilst my partner and bf talked business. We worked on making down stays longer around distractions (still really really enjoying this and Sasha is doing GREAT) and also worked on some alerts to my stimming behaviour too.


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