The smallest of poultry!

I think?!

Let me introduce to you two new family members, Bates and Eleonor!

Bates on the left is a male (you can tell as he has a bib and red feathers near his bottom), and Eleonor is a female. Interestingly females aren’t always ‘dull’ colours, and can be just as beautiful as the males.

These two are Button / Chinese Painted Quail, which are the smallest variety of quail. They are so small that a pair can easily be kept in a 60cm hamster cage!!

Their previous owner could no longer keep them due to allergies, so we jumped at adopting them because…QUAIL!! We put them in a Critter’s Choice cage overnight…

(Do you see Eleonor bottom right?! πŸ˜€ What we love about Ellie is that she looks just like a mini version of a Japanese quail!!)

…and then today we shuffled lots of pets about so that the quail could have the biggest cage possible. This involved moving Satsu, our cornsnake, into the 80cm RUB our four female mice were in, moving the quail into the vivarium, and the mice into the Critter’s Choice!

Satsu’s new home:

Sia, Nia, Boomer and Carmella’s new home:

Then it was time to remove a pane of glass from the vivarium, and cut apart on old Kios hamster cage. We used the wire from the cage roof to cover the gap left in the vivarium, and now we have a perfect little quail cage with good air flow πŸ˜€

They love it so far and it’s so much fun watching them!


I made them a little wooden shack-thing out of popsicle sticks and apple tree branches…much to my delight they both love it!

Welcome to the family little ones, thank you for making my heart happy πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “The smallest of poultry!

    • Such little loves and already much tamer than I expected, Button Quail are supposed to be much flightier than Japanese Quail but these two are impressive!

    • They’re really really sweet! Bates has been taking food out of my hand but instead of eating it he calls to Ellie that he has food…just too cute!!

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