Good hikes

We haven’t done PA since Tesco, but I’m hoping to eek back into it within the next few days.

I’ve had a crummy few days seizure wise, and broke my record for most seizures in one day on Thursday – 34 seizures, yack!

Tesco themselves have been lovely; they have taken a description and photo of Sasha to show staff at the store not to approach this dog and that she is working. They also got in touch with the duty manager, educated the security guard, and gave us a £10 voucher.

Still extremely nervous about going back there especially, but if anything else did happen I’d just get back in touch immediately!

I’m also thinking of printing out the section of The Equality Act that refers to assistance dogs, and taking it with me to hand out / show shops that are giving us access issues, but because we don’t have a printer I’d have to ask family in Yorkshire to print it out and post it up to us, which is quite annoying XD

Here are some photos from the last few days, anyway.

We’ve been doing A LOT of work on stays recently, and I’ve really been enjoying it! I hadn’t done much work on stays at all, as I hadn’t trained too much in the house because I was exhausted from all the training outdoors.

But Sasha’s been great! We’re working on sit, stand and down stays 🙂

Footage of her doing a down stay, a sit from down and a stay as I jump about. I should add she’s right next to the gerbils, which are her most exciting pet! The video did have sound, but I was right next to speakers blaring music so I replased the noise with some gentler music!!

We’ve done lots of hiking!



Tolly has learnt / is learning an incredibly cute trick where she balances both paws on the back of my hand, but I don’t have any good footage of it yet.

And here is Kasper, being Kasper. Silly smiley goofey boy 🙂


Everyone needs someone who looks at them like that haha!

I’ve had some awesome training sessions with Kasper too, he did some great mat work the other night.


4 thoughts on “Good hikes

  1. Kasper is a hoot! What a goofy boy!
    It’s terrible that you are having issues with places not welcoming you in with your service dog. I would get that printed and carry with you. Sadly, it’s what you’ll need to do. 😣
    I’m sorry about not getting that CBD info to you. I will today.
    Have you tried it? I hope not, if you’re still having seizures 😢
    I got mine last week and started with a 1/2 dose for a week, then to full dose 2 days ago.
    I can feel that I don’t have the physical problems of my anxiety attacks, but still mentally have them. I feel that is a great start! I may still need to up the doses a bit. I just bought more and I’m hoping that I can get the dose right and will be able to enjoy life without anxiety.
    I’ll still have issues with life in general, but don’t we all? I just don’t want to be bogged down with the physical effects of my anxiety and the tremendous fear it sends through me. 😆

    • Ah it’s no problem, don’t worry about it being late!

      I’ve been taking CBD oil for about two weeks now, but we upped the dose two weeks ago as my seizures had been maybe slightly better (averaging 10-14 a day) but then I had a day of 34 seizures so after that we increased the dose. I’m glad it’s working for you, if you notice a difference after the increase let me know how soon you notice one…hoping for a speedy decrease in my number of seizures!

      I love my Kasper-doo, he’s amazing haha 🙂

      Yes, I’ll most likely print the info out and I will also be adding a ‘WORKING DOG’ patch to Sasha’s harness. So far all the patches are just to get idiots to stay away, rather than saying ‘hey this dog is working’. Hoping for that to arrive within the next few days 🙂

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