When life gives you lemons…

…buy gerbils!!!

My bf went out to collect our new mice today, the breeder had finally dropped them off at the pet shop that agreed to hold them for us, so he went out to pick them up.

What do you know, when he examined them one had a really bad URI!!!

My bf told the pet shop owner he would not be taking the mice home. The breeders in this area and pet shops that sell mice are all absolutely disgusting, there is absolutely no reason for us to be seeing so many mice with URIs. I would say 80% of the mice in pet shops have URIs, and now it seems we can’t even trust breeders…

I was understandably quite disappointed, so my bf bless him took a bus to a really good pet shop to see if there were any hamsters there I would like (our plan was to buy a Syrian along with our mice, but there’s no way we were getting the hamster from there when it was right next to ill mice!!).

Well, they had the most beautiful gerbils at the shop, so say hello to Splash (b+w) and Smoggle (burmese).

These dudes are amaaazing!!

They are both so confident and inquisitive, with such vibrant personalities! I am madly in love with them 😀


They are in a Zoozone 2 cage, which is 100cm long. Their bedding is a mix of wood shavings, cardboard strips and hay (4 inch pile of strips, 5 inch pile of strips).


Oh they had so much fun tearing about and exploring 🙂


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