Sasha photos

God this week has been rough!

Here are the photos as promised though 😀 I also have photos of the two girls enjoying an off lead walk together, and something else that I’ve forgotten now (woop seizures!).

Enjoy the pics though!

Off lead heel on the left, on lead on the right 🙂

Oh seeing as there weren’t as many photos as I thought I’ll stick the ones from the joint walk here too.

This was from a few days ago, and Toller almost killed me several times by walking BETWEEN MY FEET!! You are stupidly small and liable to get crushed, why would you do that??? XD


I was very impressed with how both girls were able to focus, we’ve not had them off lead together on a walk for more than a few minutes before (mainly because Sasha needs to learn not to play with her tiny sister the same way she does in the house!!), but the focus was good, especially by the end 🙂

Oh and yes, that is my hair. I may have dyed my hair two colours XD


2 thoughts on “Sasha photos

  1. Aww they are both so adorable and they are paying such good attention to you too, very impressive! Does Sasha have much more to grow height wise? She seems tall but I think I’m just too used to shorter dogs lol

    • Sasha has been bloody huge for her age since we got her hahaha! I’m hoping she will slow with her growing now because bloody hell she’s huge; when she stretches she covers the width of the bed XD Ah thank you, much appreciated 🙂

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