Road ID review!

**edit – this band gave me a bizarre skin reaction, involving blistering and peeling. I didn’t even contact Road ID, but they saw it on my Instagram and messaged me, offering to send out a replacement or a different band style for free. I opted for a different band, which I have been wearing for several weeks, and have had zero problems with – I will get a review on this up soon!!**

My Road ID band arrived today and I’m very excited to post about it – I haven’t forgotten I need to post the walk photos of Sasha, and I will do tomorrow 😀

What is it?

I bought a Road ID band, and mine is the Wrist ID Slim

This is a durable easy-to-wear band in a colour of your choice, and with an engraved plate that you can customise and put any details you want on.

Primarily marketed for sporty types who might be out alone and could find themselves in a sticky situation during an accident (cyclists, joggers etc), I’ve actually bought this and found it perfect for a medical alert band!

Price: £16+ for the ID bands, but they sell various other things too from additional safety gear to sportswear!

This company seems like a really, really lovely company!

We got in touch with their customer service via online chat to double check an auto-discount for free shipping would work for the UK, as they are an American company (it would), and the customer service we received from them was amazing. So much more friendly and welcoming them than a large faceless company like Amazon!

I bought the Road ID Wrist Slim band which cost just £16 and postage really was free! Unfortunately there was a customs charge as what we’d bought cost over £15 (agh really?! £1 off??) which added an extra £11.23, but hey ho…

Good things…

  • You can choose any colour for these bands. They come in a wide variety, and some of the other bands have even more options!

I chose purple as it is the colour used for epilepsy / seizure disorders, which I thought was rather fitting (omg just realised that is a seizure pun!! XD )

  • To say the ID plate is quite small (obviously, because it has to fit on the band) you can cram A LOT of information on there, and it’s still clear & easy to read. Mine says the following:

CARER: [phone number]

The plates can be easily updated by ordering a new one and replacing the old, and you can also add charms or tags to the band, from funny ones to informative ones! I would have really loved a medical alert symbol one, which they had, but damn money… 😉

  • The band is stretchy, which means easy to put on and take off, also waterproof and (I imagine) very hard to break
  • Useful for a variety of things, from medical alert ID bands to ICE ID for sporty folks and even extra identification for children.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee and, if you don’t like the product for whatever reason, they will refund you no questions asked

Any bad points?

Well…I guess the customs charge?!

Other than that, at this point, I honestly can’t think of any…plus it can double up as a halo for my Poodle XD


I would highly recommend this product to everybody, and if you’re into sports go check out the other gear they have for sale on their site!

As a medical alert / ID bracelet this product is pretty much perfect, and the fact it looks so nice whilst remaining subtle is very much appreciated by me personally. The fact that they fit so much information on to so little space, whilst still keeping it easy to read, is phenomenal…I honestly can’t pick any faults with this product!

In conclusion we rate this: 10 out of 10!

(I will keep this review updated should anything change in the coming weeks)


6 thoughts on “Road ID review!

  1. I might have to look into one of these, I think it is one I read another review about a week ago and if it is there is also an app you can download on your phone (only on iPhone I think at the moment) that you can set to message people if you stop moving on a planned route for more than 5 minutes and other safety features like that. Might be wrong though. Anyway good review, thanks for this 🙂

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