We’re almost there!

Kasper is doing so, so good with the girls 🙂

He absolutely loves Toller, they are a perfect match.

Kasper likes puppies that are small, they don’t threaten him at all and he puts up with so much shit from them haha. He’s also quite a puppy-ish player himself, in that even at 6.5 years old he’s a very frenetic player and OTT…he’s a physical player.

With small puppies he understands he needs to be gentle, and he self-handicaps A LOT. He will bowl larger dogs over in play as he’s just so boisterous, he’s sent Labradors flying before, yet with Tolly the 2kg puppy he is so gentle.

I only managed to get a short video, because my phone storage was full, and I couldn’t get it on my camera due to the lighting. But here’s what to look out for…

First it’s worth noting they had been playing a good 15 minutes here. Toller sprinted off towards the door, and Kasper pounced playfully as she was coming back. Toller decided it was a bit much / she was tired so just lay there, not entirely unhappy and still rather enjoying it, but Kasper realised she wasn’t as happy as she had been.

First he tones the play down (mouth closed, just resting his head on her whereas before he’d have been mouthing her) and then he goes one further and backs right away. This lets Tolly right herself.

You’ll notice she repeatedly runs at him to instigate play 😉

He pounces again and again backs away, and they find their groove and continue their play.

Terrier puppies are perfect for Kasper as they’re so damn tenacious and very rarely afraid of anything. There’s a bit of a love story going on between Tolly and Kasper XD

And Sasha and Kasper are getting ever closer to playing.

Sasha wants to, and I think Kasper would, it’s just that she’s so worried about upsetting him she doesn’t dare, and when he gets over-excited and gets a bit carried away sniffing and examining her, she’s a bit “Mum, what’s he doing?!” XD

They’re certainly not uncomfortable or scared around each other though, they just have a respectfully distant relationship.

I find the difference in Kasper and Tolly’s & Kasper and Sasha’s relationship fascinating!

Family pics of my healthy pups

I haven’t trimmed his tail fur in forever, I want to see how long I can get it XD

Spud is now 14 weeks old, Sashie is 23 weeks. My babies are growing up!!



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