Ow pain why

Awful, AWFUL few days.

Four days of a ridiculous numbers of seizures. Today I officially beat the record for ‘most seizures in one day’ since I started recording a month ago. 25 seizures today, and a migraine to boot this evening…I feel absolutely awful but can’t sleep because of the pain πŸ˜₯

I know every seizure takes it’s toll on my brain and body, and I want to sleep to help it recover but it’s not bloody letting me!!

I have some ski goggles arriving tomorrow which will hopefully help reduce seizures. Nearly all my seizures seem to be triggered by flashing lights, bright lights, the bright sky, changes in lighting etc, so really hoping the goggles will help. I’ll look like a prat, but oh well!!

Also started taking veggie Omega 3 pills, and have ordered some CBD oil in.

Sasha did an amazing seizure alert this morning but I can’t manage to write about it now. God I feel awful…


6 thoughts on “Ow pain why

    • I’ve read so much about CBD oil but it’s a bit confusing as there’s very little information on it, especially in the UK. I’m not sure about doses and such. I also read an article that something a bit more Cannabis-like had recently been approved for seizures in the UK, but don’t quite remember what it was or if it’s being used now. I’ve read many amazing results for seizures and MH problems with products like that though.

      Have you looked into CBD oil much? I have some on the way, so if you have some too we should compare notes XD

      • Figures my gov is trying to ban CBD… it’s all still legal now, tho. 😠
        There is a lot of info over here. I am on my phone now, but will re-comment with some links for you.
        The reason our gov wants to ban it (among other reasons), is that it is a hard thing to dose. You need to find what works for you. The awesome thing? You can’t overdose! My anxiety may only need 20 milligrams, however you may need more.
        I’ve watched countless videos of kids having seizures many times a day. After a few days of CBD usage, they improve, then after a short while, significantly reduce their seizures to 1 a day or not at all!! πŸ˜‚ I am so miffed that this amazing stuff isn’t used more often, but I get folks still think parents are dosing their kids with pot!
        Cannabis (THC) is still illegal here, federally. There are a handful of states that have legalized it for pleasure & still more that allow only for medical (but is still hard to get).
        I’m in am illegal state 😣
        I’ll get back to you soon. πŸ˜„ Give Sasha a kiss and a scratch for me!

      • Oh well that’s reassuring that you can’t OD on it, that was something I was worrying about.

        Yeah, I’ve read so many amazing things about CBD and THC for seizures, but just assumed both were illegal in the UK…I think CBD was legalised a year ago now though. Will be stocking up in case they try ban it I guess, haha!

        It seems rather ridiculous that when so many studies are showing the massive benefits of cannabis (from treating epilepsy to MH issues to cancer) that many places refuse to even consider it because “it’s a drug and drugs are bad” – stupid!

        Thanks for fishing out some info for me πŸ™‚ Scritching Sasha as I type πŸ˜‰

  1. Fingers crossed you get some relief, I really do hope it helps. Don’t be silly you won’t look a prat, you will look like some kind of cool super hero, or a Pokemon trainer! πŸ˜€

    • Hahaha omg I wish XD Yesterday was the first day with the goggles and I went from 25 seizures the day before to 7 seizures yesterday, and I didn’t have any seizures after the walks (dog walks are one of my biggest triggers) so yay on every account πŸ™‚ Feel a bit more alive now haha!

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