The depression is lifting

After completely clouding my world for several weeks, it seems this mood episode is ending 🙂

I have been enjoying things again, I’m once again flooded with love for my partner, and these past few days have just been so much nicer. We’re slightly concerned a manic episode could follow as there have been a few warning signs, but we’re just doing our best to avoid it.

The weather has been grizzly today, cold AND rainy, yuck.

In the morning we took the two girls to the nearby field to give them at least some off lead time, but it was waaay too cold for Tolly!! I ended up carrying her tucked up my jumper to keep her warm and dry – can’t wait until next week when her little coat arrives!


This afternoon I took Tolly out for a 5 minute walk on my own!

The idea was to get Sasha used to being away from me. Because Sasha is my assistance dog and I really struggle to go out without her, she doesn’t get left, and we want to get her used to being alone or at least apart from me. It’s bloody difficult when you rely on her so much though.

We’ve been working on leaving her alone downstairs whilst we go up, and our eventual step will be leave her in the house with a friend whilst me and my partner go out. We’ll probably do that next week.

Tolly had fun though, even if it was still slightly drizzly. She said hello to a neighbour who totally fell head over heels in love with her…although he did think she was 6 weeks old! XD

I will be posting photos of Satsu our cornsnake now, snake scaredies ye have been warned!







Satsu is such a pillock and has been insisting on sleeping his cold end, even though our house is chilly! He felt like ice when we got him out last night, the numpty.


We’ve swapped which hides are at which end, so if he was avoiding the hot end as he didn’t like the hide, he has no excuse now 😉


As ever he was an absolute joy to handle, he really is such a mellow little guy.

Still in love with his colouring too 😉


The past few days haven’t been bad in terms of the amount of seizures, but they’ve happened all clustered together so it’s been a huge time sink. My yelling or weird motions have been very prevalent after the seizures too…we make sure to try and remember these to laugh at later XD


2 thoughts on “The depression is lifting

    • Tolly is just getting cuter and cuter, and her ears have me in stitches XD Gotta love Satsu too, such a chilled little guy…he’s really building my love for snakes back up 🙂

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