When pet shops can’t handle the truth: Lamberts Pet Supplies

People are truly hilarious.

A pet shop (Lamberts  Pet Supplies) selling sick mice with no regards to their stock’s welfare are truly getting out of hand now.

First they deleted and turned off reviews on their facebook page, after they received one negative review.

There was then a very aggressive response to a negative review on Yell, claiming it was lies, and five 5 star reviews quickly appeared all on the same day, to push the negative review off the front page. Most likely posted by staff members, but I guess we’ll never know 😉

They’ve also deleted every comment regarding the mice’s progress from their facebook page.

You can read the initial review here, see the follow up here, and check out the false reviews here!

To me, all this is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR for a business.

I find it absolutely disgusting that someone could behave this way, and embarrassing to the business. Firstly they sold extremely sick animals, they had no quarantine procedure to protect their other animals, they didn’t apologise, and they followed it up by hiding the fact they’d done anything wrong from members of the public.

Sharing here, because they deserve all the bad publicity they can get…


4 thoughts on “When pet shops can’t handle the truth: Lamberts Pet Supplies

  1. Wow how absolutely pathetic is that? They should be ashamed of themselves and really why would someone take the time to lie about a pet shop selling a poorly animal?? That’s just silly! Especially when it’s so easy to prove its not a lie with meds and the fact the shops deleted reviews and posts on their Facebook page!! They’re obviously very ashamed and embarrassed, as they ought to be.

  2. Would the RSPCA be willing to get involved? Do you have Humane Societies that would step in for the mice? I hope something happens to that shop. The animals need protecting.

    • I doubt it, unfortunately :/ We reported a really disgusting pet shop several years back when we lived in Yorrkshire (selling tiny kittens with eyes glued shut with eye infections, the Syrian hamsters fighting each other, all injured and a corpse in the back of the cage etc) – I took photos and reported the shop a few times, but the RSPCA always cleared the shop after conducting a surprise visit.

      The pets at this pet shop aren’t terribly looked after, they all have clean (if very small!) cages…it just seems the staff have zero idea about how to care for them or spot signs of illness. They genuinely thought the mice sold were healthy, when they were so obviously sick. And then alongside that they are hiding the fact that they ever sold sick animals, and using bullying tactics to keep up the ‘good name’ of their shop.

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