Busy times

Firstly, let me introduce you to two new hair balls!

Mopsie and Dusty, two 1.5 year old Lunkarya guinea pigs 😀 ❤

I’m going to copy their story from where I’ve posted on our mouse blog, no sense typing it out twice 🙂

A nearby breeder, who I’ve been hoping to get pigs from for a long time, is retiring – in fact it’s a funny story – I contacted them earlier this year to see if they had any babies available, and they were all reserved – turns out that litter was from one of these!!

Anyway, they are closing down their breeding programme as they’ve had a run of bad luck…this is a truly phenomenal breeder who always puts the welfare of her pigs first.

The pigs live in large hutches, and everyday she swaps them around so they all have access to a huge run. She feeds them the best diet and no expense spared, and at any sign of illness her pigs are rushed to the vets. Really happy to have piggies from her!

So that was yesterday.

Sasha has decided she is madly, head over heels in love with these girls. This was her first time seeing guinea pigs, and I literally just sat down with Dusty (white face) in my arms, and Sasha was calm but adoring!

Whilst my partner did the final touches to their cage, Sasha was actually sleeping by my side with her head covering the guinea pigs XD

I don’t think the guinea pigs were thrilled about the arrangement, and then today I introduced them to spud hahaha!

Last night we had an awesome walk through town; Sasha defeated an enemy that she has hated since she was 14 weeks old…



Every time we pass this floor I do enough training around it so Sasha is walking on it comfortably. This time we approached it, I had treats at the ready, and Sasha just walked on it like “Oh this? Sure, I got this” XD

Bloody awesome!

We’ve definitely come out of her first fear period, which is nice as it was bloody awful!! Today family came up, and she met them coming into the house and got really excited about seeing them – Tolly-spud was there too so it was a wonderful mad house!

Then we drove to a garden centre and me and my partner walked Sasha on the beach whilst my family picked up cakes and looked around.

Sasha was wonderful with two dogs off lead – one just whizzed about barking, the other was a tiny short legged JRT that wanted to say hi but was really timid. It would belt up to Sasha, barking sometimes, but when she’d go over to say hi would flee with a tucked tail!!

She did two awesome recalls from running to other dogs / people though – turned on a dime bless her!

We were waiting so long we got a nice mix of off lead fun and training – here we are working on our new trick outdoors 🙂


We got a bit stranded on the beach, it took us almost 30 minutes to get back to the shore line because the channels of water kept forcing us further and further out XD

We met my family again, Sasha desperately tried to get an old grumpy terrier to play haha, and then we walked back to the car. My partner rushed into the garden centre to buy a filled bone for Sasha, and I waited in the carpark with pooch and my family.

The garden centre was rammed so the carpark was insanely busy too. Bear in mind that Sasha would freak out when people approached her just over a week ago (damn fear periods…), today she stood right by my side and held focus whilst dozens of people passed within a foot of us, including noisy children!!

The next plan was to go to a nearby pub for a drink.

When we went in, it was like nobody in there had seen a damn dog before, even though the pub was dog friendly!! Everyone stared, eyes locked on Sasha’s every move. One room we went in there was a table of people calling out to her (seriously?! Wtf??), and if we’d ended up sitting in there I think my very calm and gentle partner would have actually ended up yelling at them XD

We moved back into the main room and sat down, to shouts of “look at that huge dog!” and the people a table over staring at Sasha like morons…omg people.

Sasha was absolutely amazing though. She didn’t give a shit about the entire world losing their heads though, she shrugged everything off, and was great. We haven’t done public access for a few weeks and she’d never been into a pub, never mind as we sat and had a drink, so that was great!


She didn’t do much of the filled bone we’d bought for her, but she was happy to sit and share my crisps, and watch what all the people were up to 🙂

Busy few days for us, especially because my mood’s so out of whack. Seizures haven’t been too OTT yesterday or today (less than 10 both days!) but my mood is making me want to stand and bang my head against a brick wall!!

Oh I’m also learning American Sign Language with my partner, so we have a way to communicate after seizures. I learnt to count to 10 today XD


2 thoughts on “Busy times

  1. Wow that is one busy animal house you have but it’s so great they all seem to get along. Our first bulldog was afraid of manhole covers he never walked on them always had to go around them.

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