A day of adorable pets!

I have to start with a bit of a ‘yay Chubb’ brag 😀

I think we’re finally friends!


I’ve tried to tame three budgies. My first I was 10 years old, and he had to live at my grandparents’ house due to my mum’s allergies. I had high hopes of taming him and having an awesome feathery friend, but of course he was terrified from the start, and one day a week isn’t long enough to show him I’m not scary!

I tried for months, diligently following the taming procedure in my budgie book. Eventually I got fed up of a bird hanging off my finger by his beak XD

Next we had a pair of budgies, which I was aware meant they’d almost definitely never be tamed, as they had each other for company and didn’t care about me…guess what, they had each other for company, and their entire lives thought I was evil. One would flap to the opposite end of the cage, the other would stand his ground and, you guessed it, hang off my finger by his beak!!

I’ve been taming Chubb for weeks, taking it at his pace and doing just a little each day. Yay it’s paid off ^__^

This is one of my favoutite photos EVER too 😀

Next here is Fishcake, my favourite fish XD

I have mice pics I could post too, but I’ll resist 😉

We walked through town to the canal today. It was unexpectedly busy for a weekday (damn Christmas 😛 ) but Sasha aced everything. Which was…unexpected!

Out of the town centre I took her into the pet shop with us. I was going to wait outside but she’d been doing so well, so we went in. The owners know us well, know she’s an assistance dog in training, and the shop’s generally pretty quiet with aisles to hide from other customers.

Well, she was great again! We even walked up to the till and stood chatting to the owner a bit, and a really tall man walked past that Sasha was very comfortable with and had a cheeky sniff as he passed…she is a bloody weird dog!!

We went onto the canal afterwards, and immediately saw the sweetest Springer Spaniel puppy!! ❤

Must have been about 16 weeks old and omb I wanted to steal it 😀 The owner was incredibly moody, but I didn’t care because I got to see a Springer puppy haha, and Sasha had a fun game of ‘bouncy puppy’ with it.

Walking towards the canal path past the play park there was a Patterdale yapping at us from behind. Barking is one of Sasha’s BIG fears, it tends to be worse if it’s dark or she can’t see the dog, but even in the day with the dog in sight she gets scared. No idea why. She doesn’t care about barking puppies at class or when Kasper barks in the house.

Anyway, we walked on with the Patterdale behind, and although alert to it she wasn’t scared, maybe slightly anxious, but that was weird! I let her do LAT, called her on if she was watching too long so the dog didn’t catch us, and she was really good 🙂

We ducked onto the field to get away from the dog quicker, and she ran to say hi to a Poodle cross on the other side of a fence (I was pleased she’s a big puppy – when Raiden was about 16 weeks he fit through the railings to play with some Cockers, and my partner had to run round the fencing to get him!!). The two were very happy and polite with each other, and Sasha had zero anxiety again.

I obviously felt very happy with this walk, and it made me hopeful that maybe she is just going through a normal fear period and, with careful management, we can come out the other side without any additional fear 🙂

Oh also, she finally fits her last harness!!

We couldn’t find my seizure alert patches, so I cut some luggage tags and glued them on (they say don’t touch), and the blue sleeve over her chest says ‘! DOG IN TRAINING!’

It’s a really nice harness, and I think she was more comfortable in it too. It’s also easier to get on and off which is appreciated. I ordered two more IGNORE ME patches, so will stick them on as soon as they arrive, and then it’s done 🙂

Finally we learnt a new trick indoors – come between my legs from behind and sit!


She looks so damn proud of herself XD

There are a few uses for this trick

  1. Keeps her out the way in very busy areas
  2. People are surely less likely to try reach for her when she’s between my legs…
  3. If something’s happened that she’s scared of, she has a safe zone that I can cue now. She naturally moves to me and sits by my feet, so this takes it one step further and will hopefully help her feel safer!


Finally I leave you with a wondrous photo and funny story XD

I was postictal after a seizure, so every now and then my head would get jumbled or I’d sit and stare and get a bit lost.

I’d been having a totally normal conversation, when out of nowhere my tangled head tried to make a sentence but obviously got confused. This resulted in me saying, in a very loud and stilted voice, “How crazy is my egg?

We both found this absolutely hilarious afterwards, because seriously what does that even mean?! XD

And then a few hours later…we did actually make crazy eggs hahahahahaha!!


For the record, my partner is amazing 😉 ❤


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