Circus dogs!

It seems I am training Raiden and Tolly to be circus dogs XD


Hahaha how funny is that?!

I didn’t even mean to stage the same photo twice! Toller just likes perching on my shoulder and has phenomenal balance XD

I’m getting to the point where I can have training sessions with both the young ‘uns at once now!

Sasha was a pain in the bum before, and would just try and chew on Tolly hahaha but she’s able to at least sit still and be fed treats as I work with Toller now. Once Tolly and Sasha have more impulse control I’ll be able to train properly with both of them at once, but for now this is more than good enough.




I absolutely love training with Toller – she is the exact opposite of Sasha.

Sasha is sluggish with her training and likes to take her time. If she doesn’t get something right, she gives up immediately. When I was teaching her down, I had to shape it by rewarding her for the closer to the floor her nose got – if I left it a fraction too long she would sit up and just stare at me blankly and, even though it was just once, she wouldn’t try again XD

It was a fine line between making progress but not pushing her too far that she just gave up.

Tolly on the other hand has immense concentration and determination too, and if she gets something wrong she will try again and again until she gets it right. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this already but she’s easily the smartest puppy we’ve ever raised, and her mind is so fast!!

Sasha can be clomping around Toller trying to get her to play, and Tolly will be focused on me. It’s AMAZING for 11 weeks!

I also taught Toller an alert I’d been working on with Sasha for a few weeks. Sasha’s about at the point now where she can do it reliably. I started working with Toller on the same alert last night and after five minutes she was tearing 100mph at me to respond to it XD

It is fun training such eager and speedy dogs, they’ve always been my favourite! (*cough* Kasper *cough* πŸ˜€ ).

Toller’s also very easy to lure which I appreciate! For this photo I basically had Sasha sit and stay, then lured Tolly in front of her…tada, cutest photo ever!!

Don’t you just hate it when your older sister tells a corny joke?! XD


The baby mice are looking so beautiful! Sasha was there to help keep an eye on them – every helping hand is needed now, 6 days old and so bloody mobile!!!


The older girls have a vet appt at 12.30pm, hoping for good news.


2 thoughts on “Circus dogs!

  1. Sasha and Tolly are the cutest sisters ever ❀ Toller sounds like such an awesome little dog, it's so cool to hear how different all your pups are as it's so interesting to see their different personalities πŸ™‚

    • Omb I totally need to do a post that just talks about their different personalities and how they are to train, that’d be really cool! πŸ™‚ I love Sasha and Tolly as sisters – complete opposites in every way hahahaha!

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