Rough days but good training

Having a few tough days mentally.

Seizure wise I’ve been doing the best in a long time. I had two days where I had five seizures, one where I had seven (all absence seizures too), and yesterday I think I only had three!!

So of course because my seizures are being manageable, my mood disorder is out of whack…so typical XD

Hanging in there, as ever.

Last night we walked to the village over (only a 15 minute walk) to see their Christmas tree. It was huuuge!

Sasha was on good form. I dropped her lead, asked her to do a stay, and stepped 6ft away onto the road to take a photo πŸ˜€


Really really good for 19 weeks old!!

It was funny walking there and back. Any time my partner saw flashing Christmas lights he’d yell “Seizure alert on the left(/right)!” and I’d look at the floor until we were safely past XD

Today I woke up with a migraine for the second day in a row, wtf? I took some Codeine, but this time they didn’t do anything. I took some Ibuprofen too and moped about until lunch time, then I had a two hour nap and when I woke up it was gone – yaaay!

Whilst I was napping my partner went to the supermarket and bought three tins of Christmas food for the dogs πŸ˜€


Omg I was sooo happy! I’ve been really upset this year thinking we weren’t going to be able to get the pups their Christmas dinner haha. Seeing as I couldn’t manage the supermarket I tried to get it online, but they didn’t sell it, and then I thought our shop would have sold out…and my partner just ran out and bought it for me πŸ™‚

So bloody adorably awesome ❀

Toller is super excited about trying it btw – I also have a video of her dragging the can about and trying to get into it!!


This afternoon we walked through town (OH MY GOD SO BUSY!!!) and joined the canal.

Sasha was awesome. We were walking along the main road on a really narrow pavement, and loads of people were walking past. I’d put Sasha on the side by the wall, ask her to stop, then reward her for focusing on me – she didn’t try sniff a single person!

There was also litter everywhere, dropped food wrappers from crisps to sausage rolls and even a bloody roast chicken!!! Sasha walked past every single item of litter with focus on me, some of them literally centimeters from her paws!

Eventually we got on the canal and Sasha met two rough Collies and a Pomeranian.


We crossed the road and went to our new vet surgery, and had some fun in the waiting room. I wanted to counter condition Sasha to the scales and weigh her, but we didn’t have time as there was a very unhappy Collie being examined, and I didn’t want it coming out the exam room and barking or scaring the pups!!

We’ve had a pretty lazy night…also,Β look how bloody huge she is!!


I did some socialisation with Sasha and Christmas crackers tonight. She was great, barely cared about the noise at all, and every time we pulled one (we only did two πŸ˜‰ ) she got a blob of mayo off my finger XD

I won a golf tee in my cracker. A golf tee. Seriously haha, wth?!



I made her wear the Christmas party hat too. Oh the looks I got XD



Finally, I’m basically training Toller the same way as I’m training Sasha – that way if I have to wash her (which could happen, obviously) I’d potentially have Toller to fall back on. It’s nice too because at 11 weeks old Toller is monumentally more confident than Sasha was at 12 πŸ™‚

Terriers don’t generally have the best traits for SD work, but bloody hell Tolly is whip smart!!!

She’s the most intelligent puppy we’ve ever raised. Seriously. I LOVE training with her and she’s such a determined and concentrated worker – she only turned 11 weeks old today!

Here’s a really short video where we don’t do much, but you can see her focus ❀

I could only really do sit and auto stay (yay impulse control!) but she also knows her name, touch, wait, and we’re working on leave it and down πŸ™‚

Little smart ass ❀



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