Cute cute cuteness overload!

Toller’s Christmas jumper arrived 😉

But first – the potato must have a bath!

Okay, *now* we can continue with Christmas cuteness 😉

How adorable is that?!

We had to trim the legs hahaha because she kept getting her feet lost in them!! I cut the length down and she’s much happier now and can even play in her jumper 🙂

I gave Sasha an intense trim last night, I’m in the process of cutting all her fur as short as possible (easy bathing for muddy walks!!) so the little baldy Spoo has to wear coats under her harness now 🙂

Here’s a really short clip of Sasha training off lead at the train station this evening – heeling, stopping on cue, recalling into a heel 🙂

Our friend came over tonight. He always loves coming to ours’ – his two favourite things are puppies and mice haha, and we have both XD

Finally, Willow has had her litter, so be sure to check out our mouse blog for updated photos!


4 thoughts on “Cute cute cuteness overload!

    • Thanks! I do so love training with her but I try so hard to make it fun for her puppy brain XD Oh my bob I literally can’t stand how cute Tolly is in the jumper 😀

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