A sunny lazy day

The weather today was crazy-warm – 15*C at the end of December, what is this madness?!

We enjoyed an off lead walk along the beach, taking a new route that Sasha had never been on before.

We all had a great time, even Tolly enjoyed being out and about! I also took my good camera which meant hurray nice photos 😀


Also, slow-mo recalls so you can laugh at her ears bouncing!!!


This is her breaking out the puppy dog eyes saying “Muuum, you can’t make me do training on an off lead walk!” XD

“What’s that I hear to my left?!?” XD

Oh I do love this girl ❤

Sasha is such a water dog!

I adore this photo of her! And finally, one that shows the true colour of her eyes 🙂

Lovely walk!

Bit annoying as on the way back on the narrowest path a GSD and Staffy came around the corner (on lead thankfully as both are aggressive) and started barking and lunging at Sasha, who understandably panicked. We bounced back okay though!


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